Euro 5 PLN? “This Augean stable must be cleaned up.” An expert on the condition of our currency

Such a dramatic sell-off of the zloty in recent days may be behind us, although this does not mean that in December our currency cannot be temporarily even weaker – writes Marek Rogalski, chief currency analyst at Dom Maklerski Banku Ochrony Środowiska in a commentary for Business Insider Polska. And it forecasts how much the most important foreign currencies may cost by the end of the year.

  • According to Marek Rogalski, the weakness of the zloty is “a combination of local factors”
  • The NBP should communicate its determination as to the policy of “strong zloty”. Yes, no central bank should do the opposite, especially when it comes to emerging markets, the analyst writes
  • In a commentary for Business Insider Polska, an expert forecasts what may happen with the most important currency pairs in the coming weeks
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The market reacted temporarily to comments from both Prime Minister Morawiecki (on Monday) and President Glapiński (on Wednesday), in which they made it clear that the weakness of the zloty was not desirable. This is a natural reaction, but it may not mean much unless it is followed up by specific actions.

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