Euro 7 standards may be less stringent than expected

The automotive world and the car manufacturers that animate it are eagerly awaiting them Euro 7 regulationswhich will set new standards for emissions the “clean” engines of tomorrow, imposing new and more stringent limitations on the pollution produced by cars. Yet there is still no trace of the new rules.

According to the latest rumors (confirmed by a site report Politicwhich claims to have had access to a draft of the Euro 7 legislation) it seems that the European Commission is hesitating while waiting to draft less stringent limits than initially assumed, also in light of the path, not without difficulty, that manufacturers are facing towards the path of electric and sustainable mobility.

The turnaround, as mentioned, was advocated by car manufacturer protests which had feared a premature end of endothermic engines with the advent of the new stringent Euro 7 standards, before 2035 (given stability by Europe for the complete switch to electric, with the sale ban for gasoline and diesel engines).

Furthermore, the Commission has taken note of the ugly economic situation and geopolitics and the consequent increase in the prices of energy and raw materials.

The new legislation with the unpublished ones limitations Euro 7 should be published on November 9th, according to the latest rumors from the web, but in the meantime, the first reactions to the report by Politic.

While car manufacturers rejoice that they won’t have to make large investments in the next decade to reduce pollution in the next generation of cars with internal combustion engineon the other hand activists and the association Transport & Environment they argue that the European Commission would have bowed to the automobile industry lobby, so as to give more importance to the revenues of car companies rather than to people’s health.

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