Euro NCAP. Tests of 12 cars. Worst results: Renault Zoe and Dacia Spring

This time, the BMW ix, Dacia Spring, Fiat 500e, Genesis G70, Genesis GV70, Mercedes-EQ EQS, MG Marvel R, Nissan QashqaiNissan Townstar Renault Zoe, Volkswagen Caddy, Skoda Fabia.

Only seven of the tested cars managed to pass a series of crash tests with the the maximum overall score – 5 stars. This elite group included:

  • BMW iX,
  • Genesis G70,
  • Genesis GV70,
  • Mercedes EQ-EQS,
  • Nissan Qashqai,
  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Skoda Fabia.

From the Polish perspective, he is particularly pleased with the maximum overall score he earned in Euro NCAP – built in Poznań – Volkswagen Caddy. Five stars and high marks in individual categories (84% for the protection of adults, 82% for the protection of children, 69% for the protection against the consequences of accidents of unprotected road users and 79% for the systems supporting safety) allow for a long career for Volkswagen from Poland. market.

The biggest surprise of the new Euro NCAP test series is undoubtedly the devastating result of two Renault Group cars – electric models: Renault ZOE and Dacia Spring. The Dacia, made in China, received just 1 star. Even worse was Renaut Zoe with an overall ZERO star rating! This is a shocking result, especially since these are cars under the sign in recent years Renault set the highest safety standards on European roads! Where did the scandalous low marks come from?

Just as it was once the case Fiat Punto, 0 star Renault Zoe this is the result of a lack of equipment in the French vehicle. EuroNCAP has tested the basic variety – Renault Zoe Life – which, as the only one in the range, is devoid of the system ADAS, i.e. electronics that automatically support sudden braking. As this is on the list of minimum equipment required by Euro NCAP, the car automatically received a score of 0 stars in the driving assistance system category. In effect, in accordance with the NCAP test methodology, the car “automatically” received 0 stars in a general overview.

Unfortunately, even if the Zoe had ADAS on board, the final results would not be much better. The car has been in production since 2012 (with a deep facelift in 2019), and during this time, the construction of vehicles and safety requirements underwent huge changes. Effect: a dramatically low result of only 43%. points for adult protection, 52 percent for the protection of children, 41 percent. for securing unprotected road users and … 14 percent. for safety support systems.

It did not do much better with the Euro NCAP tests Dacia Spring, i.e. the European variety, offered in China, the Renault K-ZE (itself is based on the “budget” Renault Kwid offered e.g. in Brazil). Unlike, for example, Dacia Logan and Sandero, which received only 2 stars, mainly due to the imperfections of the assist electronics (if not for the problems with the active radar, the cars deserved full 4 stars), the results Spring also do not impress. Although the additional assistance systems were rated “as much” as 32 percent, which, taking into account the brand’s pricing policy, is completely understandable, but the results in the other categories (49 percent. Adult protection, 56 percent. Protection of the youngest and 39 percent. road) leave much to be desired.

Among the tested models, there were also three cars with a four-star Euro NCAP result.

They were: Fiat 500e, MG Marvel R Nissan Townstar.

Detailed results of the latest Euro NCAP crash tests can be found in our gallery.

All the presented results refer to cars in the basic version (without the so-called “safety pack”).


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