Eurojackpot 14/01/2022. Eurojackpot results today

Eurojackpot 14/01/2022.  Eurojackpot results from today
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Eurojackpot 14/01/2022. Eurojackpot results today

Eurojackpot 14/01/2022 See the results of the Eurojackpot draw on Friday 14 January 2022. What numbers will be drawn in the next installment of the European lottery? See the results! There is something to fight for, because on Friday, January 14, you can win PLN 155 million in Eurojackpot! What are the results of today’s Eurojackpot draw?

Eurojackpot 14/01/2022. Eurojackpot results for Friday 14th January. What numbers have been drawn in today’s European lottery draw? Eurojackpot draws take place every Friday between 8.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. in Helsinki, the capital of Finland – the organizer’s seat. The draws are broadcast all over the world, especially to the countries participating in the European lottery. One of them is Poland. Thanks to the large reach in Eurojackpot, you can win a real fortune – on Friday, January 14, even PLN 155 million! Many players have a huge appetite to win. What numbers were scored during today’s draw? The Eurojackpot results for 14/01/2022 can be found below, later in this article.

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How to play Eurojackpot? One Eurojackpot ticket costs 12 zlotys and 50 groszy. The player chooses five numbers from 50 and two numbers from 10. The rest depends on his luck and whether fate will smile at him. In Poland, in Eurojackpot, you can play at Lotto Totalizator Sportowy points or online, via the Internet.

Eurojackpot 14/01/2022. Eurojackpot draw results for Friday 14 January 2022:

9, 15, 27, 41, 44 + 2, 4.

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Eurojackpot: Draw results on January 14th

Above you will find the results of today’s Eurojackpot draw on January 14, 2022. Players can now check if their typing was correct, accurate and happy. If so, congratulations! The Eurojeakcpot draw takes place every Friday, always between 20.00 to 21.00 in Helsinki.

Today at Eurojackpot you can win PLN 155 million. The highest winnings in the history of Eurojackopt in Poland are the amounts that ignite the imagination. On August 13, 2021, in the area of In the Bieruńsko-Lędziny region, someone won a record sum of PLN 206,550,000 for a first-degree win. In May 2019, another player won 193 million (Piotrkowski district), and in September 2020 nearly 97 million (Pruszków district). Who and how much will win in today’s Eurojackpot draw on 14/01/2022? We will publish the results in this article in a moment.

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Eurojackpot on January 14. Eurojackpot draw today

Where and how to watch the Eurojackpot draw on Friday evening? On January 14, at Eurojackpot, PLN 155 million will be won. When will we know the lucky numbers? European lottery draws always take place on Fridays between 20.00 to 21.00 in Helsinki. The recording of the draw can be viewed, among others on the website of the organizer of the Polish part of the lottery, i.e. Totalizator Sportowy: We publish the results of the Eurojackpot draw live in this article.

Friday evening is not only the Eurojackpot draw in Helsinki, but also Studio Lotto in Poland, and in it – just before. 22.00 – draws and results of popular games of Totalizator Sportowy: Eurojackpot, Mini Lotto, Multi Multi, Ekstra Pensji, Ekstra Premii, Kaskada and Super Chance. You can also find their results on

See the addresses of the lucky Lotto lottery outlets in Lublin. Millions are won here!

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