Eurojackpot: A gigantic victory near Warsaw. Such a fortune it makes my head spin

Eurojackpot: A gigantic victory near Warsaw.  Such a fortune it makes my head spin
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Eurojackpot: A gigantic victory near Warsaw. Such a fortune it makes my head spin

Lotto results. We have a new millionaire in Mazovia, thanks to another big win in Lotto in Warsaw. Last Friday, fate smiled on one of the players betting the numbers in the international game Eurojackpot. A resident of Milanówek correctly selected some of the numbers and thanks to that a big win in Eurojackpot was won. Where was the lucky ticket sent and how much was the Lotto win? How much tax will the winner have to pay? We know the exact amounts!

Lotto results. Big win at Eurojackpot near Warsaw

Lotto results. On Friday, 3.12.2021, as every week, there was another draw in the international game Eurojackpot. And once again it was exceptionally lucky for the player from Poland, and more specifically from Milanówek. It is known that the player in this picturesque city near Warsaw chose the numbers himself. He took the second degree win – 5 numbers + 1. The winner got a real fortune, and more precisely PLN 1,367,779. However, there is a price to win, and the lucky winner will have to share the money with the Treasury. The tax on the prize will be PLN 136 777 and 90 groszy.

The winning coupon was sent to the lottery office in Milanówek – at ul. Warszawska 36. The numbers 2, 5, 13, 15, 23 as well as 6 and 8 were drawn during the Eurojackpot draw. Congratulations to the winners!

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How to play Eurojackpot?

Go to the LOTTO point, visit or use the LOTTO mobile application. PLN 12.5 – that’s exactly how much a bet costs in one of Europeans’ favorite games! Even hundreds of millions of zlotys are waiting for you. Choose 5 numbers from 50 and 2 numbers from 10. You can mark them yourself or use a stroke of luck and play at random – both at LOTTO points and online.

Save your favorite and recently played coupons online for your return. Keep the coupon. This is your only proof of participation in the game and the basis for payment of the winnings. Watch him like an eye in your head. Nothing is lost in online and in the application. Here, proof of participation is a record of an electronic transaction in the sales system assigned to your player account.

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