Europa League: HJK-Roma 1-2 – Football

Europa League, in Helsinki Rome beats HJK 2-1 (1-0). THE CHRONICLE
Roma wins with the thrill and in Finland ends 2-1 against Helsinki: flies on equal points with Ludogorets, in second place in Group C of the Europa League and finds Abraham, but only the Var in the final saves the Giallorossi from the goal like Browne, later canceled. Good prophet, however, was Tiago Pinto in the pre-match. “I’m sure Tammy will be the team’s top scorer at the end of the season,” said the GM and the Englishman must have listened to him, because the goal that breaks the deadlock is his. And, despite Mourinho having to struggle between known absences, suspensions and last-minute ailments, like that of Ibanez (he was sick from the morning), Roma tries to direct the game already in the first fraction.
The surprise, compared to the eve, however, is called Volpato. The young striker takes Belotti’s place and joins Abraham. Roma need a few minutes to adapt to the synthetic field and the approach is not the best with Helsinki appearing more compact and aggressive than the Giallorossi. The first opportunity arrives for the Finns with Hoskonen committing Rui Patricio, good at keeping the result at 0-0. From the 20 ‘, then, it is Roma who turn up and play the charge is Cristante who hits the crossbar after the development of a corner kicked by Pellegrini. Not even 10 ‘and, with the same pattern to cut at the near post, he finds the 1-0 goal, then canceled at the Var for an active offside position by Volpato. To get the Giallorossi out of trouble, however, are the set pieces because, 5 ‘from the end of the first half, it is Pellegrini who puts a free kick in the kiss in the area for the header of Abraham who finds the 1-0, breaking free after 8 games without goals. For the Englishman it is the third goal of the season (all away) and the first in the Europa League. At the double whistle the teams therefore go to rest on 1-0 for the Giallorossi and with Mancini warned and warned, for this reason he will miss the game in seven days against Ludogorets. In the second half Koskela tries to wake up the team by removing Olusanya for Abubakari and he succeeds because, as in the first half, the start of the Giallorossi is passive and, after 8 ‘, the equal of Hetemaj arrives on a hole from Lingman. Roma need a slap in the face to react, but the goal in the first half gave Abraham confidence that he does not find the brace just because on the conclusion of El Shaarawy the last touch is from Hoskonen and not from Mourinho’s nine. The substance does not change and Roma scores 2-1. A result that defends up to the triple whistle, despite Boujellab trying to spoil the party on a couple of occasions. On the other hand, Browne succeeds and finds an incredible goal from outside the area in a rebound, but the Var saves the Giallorossi for a previous handful of Abubakari on Cristante. Two by two canceled and Roma second on equal points with Ludogorets. In seven days the match at the Olimpico against the Bulgarians and only the victory can send the Giallorossi to the playoffs for the knockout stages of the Europa League.


62 ‘HJK-Roma 1-2, own goal by Hoskonen
54 ‘HJK-Roma 1-1, goal by Hetemaj
41 ‘HJK-Roma 0-1, Abraham’s goal