Europa League, Lazio-Midtjylland 2-1: Milinkovic Savic-Pedro’s comeback

At the Olimpico Isaksen opens the dances, then the biancocelesti overturn the result: heavy victory for the qualification key

There Lazio not wrong in Europa League. On the fifth day of Group F the team of Sarri beats Midtjylland 2-1 in comeback, he reaches the top of the group at 8 points and puts one serious mortgage on the passage of the shift. At the Olimpico in the first half Isaksen (8 ‘) takes advantage of an error of Gila and unlock the race, then Milinkovic Savic (36 ‘) equalized with a precise platter. In the second half, after the crosspieces of Dreyer And Zaccagnithinks about it Pedro (58 ‘) to sign the goal that overturns the result and decides the match. In the final, one goal on each side was canceled for offside.

Mission accomplished for Lazio in Europe. In fact, with a little pain, Sarri’s gang brings home a precious victory against Midtjylland and reaches eight points. A result that at the moment does not guarantee the passage of the round, but which still leaves hope for the last match against Feyenoord. A heavy success more for how it arrived than for the express game. Compared to the usual, in fact, the biancocelesti have maneuvered with less precision and speed, putting the game back in place thanks to the shots of Milinkvoc Savic and Padro. Two goals that knocked the Danes out and put the game back on track after a complicated start. All with a careful eye on turnover.

With the humiliation of the first leg to be avenged and still without a building, at the Olimpico Sarri shuffles the cards a little and tries to surprise Capellas by giving more physicality to the team. In the trident, between Felipe Anderson and Zaccagni, there is Cancellieri, the first as a starter with Lazio. In the median instead he is up to Marcos Antonio and Basic. He choices that in a very balanced group immediately give rhythm and intensity to the match. Under pressure, Lazio have the best start by keeping the defensive line high and controlling possession. The biancocelsti, however, dribble too superficially from behind and at the first mistake Midtjylland hits with Isaksen, good at defending the ball to the limit after a wrong support from Gila and beating Provedel with a precise right. Goal that immediately unlocks the game and forces Lazio to react by increasing the laps on the outside. Zaccagni catches Milinkovic-Savic in the area, but “Il Sergente” kicks high, then a Basic diagonal ends wide and Lossl blocks another attempt by Lazio’s number 21. Occasions that increase the Biancoceleste pressure and lead to a tie for the hosts. Stopped in the middle of the attack, Felipe Anderson first tests Lossl’s reflexes, then serves Milinkovic Savic in the area and the servant puts the result back into balance with a nice platter. Network that rekindles Lazio and transforms the end of the first half into a target shooting. Sviatchenko saves a Basic shot on the line, then Cancellieri and Hysaj waste a good restart and Lossl flies to Milinkovic Savic’s right-footed shot.

The recovery begins without changes and with a double chance for Midtjylland. Dreyer hits the crossbar with his header, then Chilufya doesn’t frame the goal from a good position. Flashes to which Lazio replies with a nice play by Zaccagni that Lossl defuses with the help of the crossbar. Question and answer that stretches the teams and keeps the match alive. To give more leg and geometry to the team, Sarri removes Marcos Antonio, Basic and Cancellieri and brings in Cataldi, Vecino and Pedro. Capellas instead throws Sisto and Thychosen into the fray. Zaccagni tries again with a right to turn, but Lossl is careful. Moves that immediately turn the game around. After yet another bucking by Zaccagni on the left, Pedro overturns the result by throwing the first ball of the match into the net. Shot that marks the game and gives confidence to the Biancocelesti. Launched at the net in the restart, Felipe Anderson touches the tip, but Lossl refuses instinctively. Then a right foot from Milinkovic Savic ends up a little wide and Provedel deflects a poisonous cross from Dreyer. Occasions that keep the result in balance and light up the ending. On the one hand, Pedro scores again, but Capellas cancels at the suggestion of the VAR for an irregular position of centimeters. From above, Juninho beats Provedel with his head, but the referee stops everything due to Kaba’s offside. Episodes leading up to the last minutes of the match. Looking for the same, Midtjylland attacks with many men, but the biancoceleste defense does not tremble thanks also to the entry of Casale. In the recovery then the last dangerous action with Sviantchenko denying the brace to Pedro. Lazio suffers a little, but wins three very heavy points for the standings.

Zaccagni 7.5:
man runs, pushes and jumps. On his side, Lazio have another step and when he attacks the ball, there is always trouble for Andersson and his teammates. He hits a crossbar and engages Lossl on a couple of occasions
Milinkovic Savic 6.5: runs around the field always giving the feeling of being in another category both from a physical and a technical point of view. He evened the score with a precise platter starting the comeback and proving to be always decisive
Pedro 7: enter and change the game. A target at the first ball touched, then a lot of quality and personality in the management of the ball. He scores again, but the VAR cancels out for an irregular position of centimeters
Isaksen 6: certainly the most dynamic and inspired in Midtjylland. Physically solid and poisonous in one-on-one. On the occasion of the goal he defends the ball well and Provedel cold with a razor edge to the pole. In the second half he drops a little
Andersson 5: Zaccagni attacks him with continuity and goes into trouble in the marking. On his side, Lazio pushes and breaks through. Capellas takes it off early in the second half
Lossl 6.5: two goals taken, but also many saves, especially on Zaccagni. If Sarri’s team does not spread, much of the credit is his

Lazio (4-3-3):
Provedel 6; Hysaj 6, Gila 5 (37 ‘st Casale 6.5), Romagnoli 6, Marusic 6; Milinkovic-Savic 6.5, Marcos Antonio 5.5 (10 ‘st Vecino 6), Basic 5.5 (10’ st Cataldi 6); Felipe Anderson 6.5, Cancellieri 5.5 (10 ‘st Pedro 7), Zaccagni 7.5 (28’ st Romero 6.5).
Available: Maximiano, Magro, Luis Alberto, Radu. All .: Sarri 6.5
Midtjylland (4-3-3): Lossl 6.5; J. Andersson 5 (8 ‘st Thychosen 5.5), Dalsgaard 5.5, Sviatchenko 6, Paulinho 6 (37’ st Dyhr sv); Martinez 6 (37 ‘st Juninho sv), Charles 5.5 (16’ st Kaba 5.5), Evander 5.5; Isaksen 6, Dreyer 6, Chilufya 5 (8 ‘st Sisto 5,5).
Available: Olafsson, Ugboh, Gartenmann, Kouakou Byskov, Nibe, Ortiz. All .: Capellas 5.5
Referee: Stefanski (Pol)
Markers: 8 ‘Isaksen (M), 36’ Milinkovic Savic (L), 13 ‘st Pedro (L)
Ammonites: Romagnoli, Zaccagni, Gila, Vecino (L); Andersson, Juninho, Sviatchenko (M)

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