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November 20, 2021, 12:06

Version 3.0 of Imperium Universalis has been released, an ambitious mod that takes the action of Europa Universalis 4 into ancient times.

The official development of Europa Universalis IV has not been going well recently. Addition Leviathan It turned out to be such a disaster that the creators had to apologize for years of poor DLC. Fortunately, fans don’t have to rely on Paradox for new content, as the game boasts a very active modding community. The latest fruit of her work is an updated version of a powerful mod Empire of Universalis.

The modification takes the action of the game into ancient times, allowing the game to begin in 612 BC In order to implement this idea, practically all elements of the game were replaced. Empire of Universalis offers a completely reworked map, new factions, characters, units, technologies and events. Significant changes have also taken place in the gameplay mechanics, so that they better reflect the realities of this historical period.

  1. Europa Universalis IV: Imperium Universalis – download the mod from our FTP (the author gave us permission to use a mirror)
  2. Imperium Universalis – the official website of the mod
Europa Universalis 4 - ancient mod Imperium Universalis with a new version - illustration # 1

The new version of the mod has been marked with the number 3.0. There, many map elements, including the Mediterranean region and India, have been greatly improved. In addition, East Asia was expanded to include new areas for the player to discover.

Also, numerous corrections were made to the population system and the slavery system was reintroduced (it was disabled for some time in the mod), which is available in a more extensive form. There was also a mass of new cultures, religions and missions.

Let us remind you that the game is Europa Universalis IV It was released in August 2013 and remains available only on PC. The production was recently distributed for a week on the Epic Games Store, so among PC players there are many people just starting their adventure with this title, who look around with the most interesting mods for this production, and Empire of Universalis he definitely belongs to them.

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