Europe is struggling with the fourth wave. In Germany alone, over 66,000 new infections

Another 700,000 people could die by COVID-19 in Europe by spring, warns the World Health Organization. It is Europe that is currently at the epicenter of the pandemic, and complications from the coronavirus are now the leading cause of death on the continent.

The WHO says that by March, the overwhelming majority of 49 countries across the continent could face enormous pressure on healthcare systems due to the large number of patients. The organization mainly mentions France, Hungary and Spain. The WHO says that the reasons for the high number of infections are too few vaccinated people and the removal of restrictions.

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The Polish Ministry of Health informed on Wednesday morning about 28.3 thousand. new cases of coronavirus infections. 118 people died due to COVID-19, and 342 people died due to the coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases. The greatest number of new infections was detected in Mazowieckie – 5,277 cases – and Śląskie – 3,588 cases.

On the other hand, over 66,000 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Germany on the last day. This is the highest number since the start of the pandemic. The seven-day coronavirus incidence rate in Germany has exceeded 400 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

Stricter restrictions have been in place in several federal states since Wednesday. In Bavaria and Saxony, a maximum of five people from two households can meet. The so-called “2G” rule applies almost everywhere. This means that only convalescents or vaccinated people have access to the barbershop and cinemas.

Tusk met with members of the Medical Council at the prime minister.Donald Tusk met with members of the Medical Council at the prime minister

The Czech Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday nearly 26,000 new coronavirus infections. This is the largest increase in infection since the start of the pandemic in this country. There are over 5,600 patients in hospitals, and the condition of about 800 of them is considered severe.

The most difficult situation is currently in Silesia and Moravia. Due to the overload of hospitals, the local authorities of the Zlín region announced that they would introduce restrictions on social life next week. Relevant decisions, such as restrictions on the organization of cultural and sports events, are to be made by the regional sanitary services.

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Coronavirus. Epidemic situation in Europe

The highest number of infections was also recorded in Slovakia – 10,315. There are currently over 3,000 in hospitals. people, most of them are unvaccinated. The country ranks third last in terms of vaccination coverage. The media inform that introducing a two-week lockdown there is possible.

We have the record for the number of infections in the fourth wave, and that's probably not the end of it.Coronavirus in Poland. Ministry of Health: 18.7 thousand patients in hospitals

In Hungary, 12,637 new infections were reported. Rzd also said 176 COVID-19 patients have died. Since last week, it is mandatory in the country to wear masks also indoors (e.g. shops or cultural facilities).

In Russia, there have been declines in infections in recent days. Last day it was 33.5 thousand. cases (compared to 37.7 thousand. last week). The number of deaths of sick people remains at a high level. Over 1.2 thousand people have died in the last 24 hours. infected.

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