European league. The oilers repelled the Phoenix attack. Handball relationship

This meeting was more important for the Oilers than it might seem. After the defeat of the Füchse Berlin in Orlen Arena a week ago, the Polish runners-up have rather lost their chances of winning Group A and now they have to focus on not giving anyone a place behind the Lises’ backs. And Fenix ​​has a taste for them. After the disastrous beginning of the season and the defeat of, among others in Płock, the French regained their vigor. In the French Premier League they have not lost four matches, and in the last match of the Europa League they defeated Spain’s runner-up Bidasoa Irun.

Fortunately, the Wisła team repelled the Phoenix attack. Although for almost three quarters of an hour the game was very tight, and Phoenix goalkeeper Jef Lettens played very well (38% success). At the hosts, the left-winger Nemanja Ilić (7/8) scored points with the regularity of the killer. Nevertheless, Wisła took the lead twice. About 40 minutes, Wisła began to gain a higher and higher advantage with an excellent defense game and won calmly. This is a huge capital in the fight for at least the second place in the group.


FENIX: Lettens, Cantegrel – Giraudeau, Chelle, Feuchtmann 2, Wagner 2, Balenciaga 3, Jarry, Gilbert, Kempf 1, Borzas, Frechou 1, Pettersson 2, Ilić 8, Vieira 5, Sokolić.

ORLEN WISŁA: Ahmetašević, Morawski – Daszek 3, Jurečić, Fernandez 2, Serdio 4, Šušnja 1, Szita 2, Komarzewski, Krajewski 2, Terzić, Mihić 4, Czapliński, Mindegia, Żytnikow 6, Kosorotow 6.

Other matches: Tatran – Füchse 23:27; Pfadi – Bidasoa superior.

Team M Goal Points

1. Füchse Berlin 4 8 123-100

2. Wisła Płock 4 6 122-104

3. Bidasoa Irun 3 2 81-81

4. Fenix ​​Toulouse 4 2 109-119

5. Pfadi Winterthur 3 2 84-96

6. Tatran Prešov 4 2 102-121

1–4: 1/8 finals

Next matches – 30.11: Wisła – Bidasoa (18.45), Fenix ​​- Tatran (20.45), Füchse – Pfadi (20.45).

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