European Speed ​​Skating Championships 2022: Polish speed skating champions as European Champions in Team Sprint

Biało-Czerwony had a time of 1.27.265. Silver was won by Belarusian women with a loss of 3.91, and bronze by Norwegian women – slower than Polish women by 4.17.

The last try before the games

– We are entering the competition with the strongest line-up – said the sports director of the Polish Speed ​​Skating Association Konrad Niedźwiedzki before the event. – The European Championship is an important event, but everyone treats it as a stage on the way to the Olympic Games. Of course, we are counting on high places, but I realize that all magpies cannot be caught by the tail – announced Bears.

Polish skaters on the first day of the competition confirmed these words, standing on the highest step of the podium.

In the team race, the Dutch turned out to be the best for the men’s investigation, ahead of the Norwegians and the Italians.

The Poles, including Szymon Palka, Marcin Bachanek and Artur Janicki, achieved the time of 3.47.895. They lost almost 10 seconds (9.92 seconds) to the winners, and more than four seconds to the bronze medal.

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Polish women received gold medals of the European Championships for their triumph in the team sprint

Video: Eurosport Polish women received gold medals of the European Championships for their triumph in the team sprint

A good performance by Michalski

In the evening 1000 m race, Piotr Michalski took the sixth place. Damian Żurek was 14th, and Artur Nogal – 18th.

The 1000-meter run turned out to be, as expected, a show by the titled Dutchmen. The representatives of the hosts took the first three places. Sequentially: Thomas Krol (1.07.776), Kjeld Nuis (1.07.867) and Kai Verbij (1.07.948).

Michalski lost 0.96 seconds to the winner, Żurek – 1.88, and Nogal – 3.25.

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Michalski, 6th in the 1000m run in the European Speed ​​Skating Championships

Video: Eurosport Michalski, 6th in the 1000m run in the European Speed ​​Skating Championships

The 3,000 m women’s competition was a display of two famous Dutch women. Irene Schouten clearly triumphed 3.56.623, 3.17 seconds ahead of Antoinette de Jong. The bronze was won by the Italian Francesca Lollobrigida.

Magdalena Czyszczoń, twelfth in this competition, lost more than 20 seconds to Schouten – 20.53.

The skaters previously had a chance to compete at a high level at the end of the first half of December thanks to the World Cup competition.

Then the leading Polish representatives had a moment of rest, after Christmas they went to the training camp in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, and last Sunday they left for the Netherlands.

The next destination will be Beijing, where the Winter Olympics will take place from February 4 to 20.

Broadcasts from all competitions in Eurosport and Player

Results of the competition on the first day of the European Championship:

Women’s team sprint:

1. Poland 1.27.265 (Andżelika Wójcik, Kaja Ziomek, Karolina Bosiek)
2. Belarus 1.31.183 (Jeugenija Worobjowa, Hanna Nifantawa, Jekaterina Slojewa)
3. Norway 1.31,438 (Julie Nistad Samsonsen, Martine Ripsrud, Ane By Farstad)

Men’s Team Inquiry Run:

1. Netherlands 3,37,975 (Sven Kramer, Marcel Bosker, Patrick Roest)
2. Norway 3,38,920 (Allan Dahl Johansson, Hallgeir Engebraten, Sverre Lunde Pedersen)
3. Italy 3.43,416 (Andrea Giovannini, Davide Ghiotto, Michele Malfatti)
4. Poland 3.47.895 (Szymon Palka, Marcin Bachanek, Artur Janicki)

1000 m men

1. Thomas Krol (The Netherlands) 1.07.776
2. Kjeld Nuis (The Netherlands) 1.07.867
3. Kai Verbij (The Netherlands) 1.07.948

6. Piotr Michalski (Poland) 1.08.736
14. Damian Żurek (Poland) 1.09.663
18. Artur Nogal (Poland) 1.11.035

3000 m women

1. Irene Schouten (The Netherlands) 3.56,623
2. Antoinette de Jong (The Netherlands) 3.59.796
3. Francesca Lollobrigida (Italy) 4.00,615

12. Magdalena Czyszczoń (Poland) 4.17.157

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Source:, PAP

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