European stock exchanges on the rise, rumors push Nexi on Piazza Affari

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – European stock exchanges rise as investors seek a balance between signs of slowing inflation in the United States and statements from top officials of the Federal Reserve, who seem to believe that further hikes in interest rates are necessary. The attention of operators thus remains focused on the difficult balance between monetary policy tightening and economic stability: the latest indication of a slowdown comes from the United Kingdom, where in the second quarter of the year GDP fell by 0.1% on economic basis. In Piazza Affari the FTSE MIB is up slightly, one of the Milanese stocks with higher capitalization, Nexi’s blaze thanks to the rumors that want it in the crosshairs of private equity funds. Banco Bpm, Tenaris and Stellantis also performed well, while Amplifon, Diasorin and Stmicroelectronics lost their share.

FTSE Mib stock market trend

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Click Nexi, rumors about private equity interest

As for Nexi, according to rumors reported by the Reuters agency, some funds would be ready to acquire and delist the company after the recent decline in valuations of the entire sector. Thus, in recent months, Nexi has received several “unsolicited” offers from potential buyers, including private equity Silver Lake. Contacts with the CEO Paolo Bertoluzzo would have stopped at the end of March due to the distance between the parties in terms of price. In any case, the Nexi stock has lost 54% from the highs of last July, in a downward trend that also involved competitors, and it is therefore inevitable that the current valuations make the group attractive in the eyes of the interested players.

Stable spread at 205 points

On bonds, the spread between BTp and Bund is stable. The yield differential between the ten-year benchmark BTp and the same German maturity stood at 205 points, unchanged with respect to the closing on the eve of the year. On the other hand, the yield of the benchmark ten-year BTp rises to 3.05% from 3.02% of the last reference recorded yesterday.

BTP / Bund spread trend

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Dollar rising, oil falling

On the currency market, the euro is worth $ 1.0309 from $ 1.0327 closing yesterday. The single currency is also indicated at 137.49 yen (from 137.11), while the dollar / yen ratio is at 133.36 (132.75). Oil prices fell slightly: October Brent dropped 0.35% to $ 99.25 a barrel, September WTI 0.49% to $ 93.88. Without prejudice to the price of natural gas on the Ttf platform in Amsterda: the September contract is unchanged at 208 euros per megawatt hour.

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