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Second day of the European Swimming Championships in Rome, the program, the races on TV and streaming. In the 100 breaststroke women win the internal challenge Pilato and, surprisingly, Angiolini. Well Miressi in the 100 style heats, with Paltrinieri ahead of the 16 year old Galossi

After the first medals (Razzetti’s gold and Matteazzi’s bronze in the 400 medley medals, the 4×200 silver medal), the second day of the European Championships in Rome sees all the big names take to the water. In the heats of the 100 meters behind the 17-year-old Romanian phenomenon Popovici which sets the European record (47 ” 20), shows off Alessandro Miressi who in the morning swims an excellent 47”60 to 15 cents from his Italian record and goes straight to the semifinals, while the second pass for the nation snatches Zazzeri (48”27) which leaves Frigo and Ceccon out. The “sister-killing” challenge of the 100 female frogs – where Italy has four athletes in the first four places in the heat! – wins it Benedetta Pilato that with 1’05”77 (second personal performance) beats the internal competition. The second pass available for each country, surprisingly, takes it Lisa Angiolini in 1’06”00 which eliminates Arianna Castiglioni (1’06”55) and Martina Carraro (1’07”04). “It certainly helped to have Benny in front of my battery pushing – said the surprise of the day, who is 27 years old, trains in Poggibonsi, has been stopped for three years with a shoulder injury and this afternoon he will jump into his first semifinal. European career -, I’ll go into the water to have fun and we’ll see what happens ».

Paltrinieri and the surprise Galossi

Surprise also in the batteries of the 800: Gregorio Paltrinieri beats the internal competition in 7’48”91 (“This time I couldn’t keep to look for the side lane as I did at the World Cup, because with the other Italians I risked staying out, I just had to push”) and behind him the 16 years old Lorenzo Galossi that with 7’49”08 beats the “old guard” Detti and De Tullio. The very Roman Lorenzo (“And a Roma fan, it’s not a passion it’s a disease, I tell my coach: if he introduces me to the Captain – as intense of course as Totti, ed – I can also stop swimming”, let’s hope not, he just started), is the new face of these Europeans, already silver yesterday in the 4×200. Two glitter on the ears like Maradona (“But he had them real, mine are highly criticized by everyone because they are too flashy, but I’m a flashy type”), he just waits to persuade his parents to get a tattoo: “One thing sober, a gladiator with the colosseum, of course my parents appreciate a lot … ».

The medals of the afternoon

And now we wait for the afternoon’s rain of medals: Tete Martinenghi in the 100 breaststroke he is fighting more with the clock than with his opponents, Thomas Ceccon wants to start her collection with the 50 butterfly, Simona Quadarella looks for the third consecutive European triple and starts in the 800 where she has an Olympic and world bronze and Margherita Panziera gives the assault to the 200 backstroke. Not to mention artistic swimming, where the program only among men debuts for the first time with Giorgio Minisini. How much abundance.

All the results of the first day

Where to see the races on TV

All the races will be live on free-to-air TV on Rai: the batteries on Raisport, the afternoon finals on RaiDue. Streaming on Rai Play. All races are also broadcast by Sky Sport.

Today’s program

Batteries: 9-12

50 butterfly D

1. Sjoestroem (Sve) 25”30
6. Silvia Di Pietro 26”06 qualified in the semifinal
14. Costanza Cocconcelli 26”74 qualified in the semifinal
17. Elena Di Liddo 26”91 eliminated
100 freestyle

1. Popovici 47 ” 20
2. Alessandro Miressi 47”60 qualified in the semifinals
3. Lorenzo Zazzeri 48”27 qualified in the semifinals
10. Manuel Frigo 48”76 eliminated because there are only 2 passes per country
14. Thomas Ceccon 48 ” 92 eliminated because there are only 2 passes per country
100 frog D

1. Benedetta Pilato 1’05 ” 77 qualified in the semifinals
2. Lisa Angiolini 1’06”00 qualified in the semifinals
3. Arianna Castiglioni 1’06 ” 55 eliminated because there are 2 passes per country
4. Martina Carraro 1’07”04 eliminated because there are 2 passes per nation
200 back U

1. Brouard (Fra) 1’56 ” 70
11. Lorenzo Mora 1’59 ” 18 qualified in the semifinals
13. Matteo Restivo 1’59 ” 62 qualified in the semifinals
4×100 mixed mixed

1. Netherlands 3’46”64
6. Italy 3’50”19 qualified in the final
Michele Lamberti 54”67, Francesca Fangio 1’07”87, Ilaria Bianchi 58”55, Leonardo Deplano 49”10

800 freestyle U

1. Romanchuk (Ucr) 7’47”93
3. Gregorio Paltrinieri 7’48”91
4.Lorenzo Galossi 7’49”08
7. Gabriele Detti 7’49”93 eliminated
8. Luca De Tullio 7’51”60 eliminated

From 18 semifinals and finals

200 back D final

50 butterfly U final

100 D freestyle final

1000 frog U
the final

100 breaststroke D semifinal

100 freestyle U semifinal

50 butterfly D semifinal

200 back U semifinal

blue raspberry
I stayed
800 D freestyle final
Simona Quadarella
Martina Caramignoli
4×100 mixed mixed final

Artistic swimming

From 9.30 heats

Free duo

Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro

From 15 finals

Female technician only

Linda Cerruti
Male technician only

Giorgio Minisini

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