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from Arianna Ravelli

Waiting for Thomas Ceccon in the 100 backstroke, Benedetta Pilato in the 50 breaststroke and for the men’s 4×100 mixed relay. Bronze in the Pellacani-Santoro dives

Last day for swimming in the pool: the greatest hopes for medals for Italy are on the shoulders of Thomas Ceccon, which we want to repeat in the 100 backstroke, the race that won at the World Championships in Budapest with the world record (51”60). Also Benedetta Pilato holds a world record in the race in which he will compete today, the 50 breaststroke (29”30), for this year he has never managed to repeat himself on the same times, perhaps because he concentrated on improving the 100, the Olympic distance (where won gold at the World Cup). Therefore Lithuanian Ruta Meilutyte – a very troubled story behind her – won gold in the 100 at the London Games at just 15, before confessing to suffering from depression, skipping three doping controls and retiring at 22, only to return after three years at the top of swimming – which printed 29 ” 44 in the semifinals at the moment it would seem unattainable. Simona Quadarella in the morning heats he won the opportunity to look for the treble (after the gold medals in the 800 and 1500) by taking the final of the 400 with the second time behind the German Gose. But the closure with a bang expected from 4×100 mixed relay, bronze in Tokyo and gold at the recent World Championships in Budapest, where among other things in the afternoon the indefatigable Ceccon (back) and Martinenghi (frog) will return to the water, with Miressi for style and probably Rivolta a dolphin. In the morning, the team made up of Michele Lamberti, Federico Poggio, Federico Burdisso and Manuel Frigo conquers the final with the best time in 3’34”35. Nice fight inside the blue team in the 400 style (where he also tried the king of 100 and 200 in the heats David Popovici who for renouncing the final): the pass for the final was taken by the bronze of the 800s and the new face of swimming at 16 Lorenzo Galossi and the Italian record holder (3’43”23) Gabriele Detti.
Diving: a bronze that tastes of disappointment that of Chiara Pellacani and Matteo Santoro in the synchro mixed 3-meter springboard (silver at the World Championships in Budapest and outgoing European champions), behind the German and English pairs. But I always think that I have won a bronze and not that I have lost a gold, Chiara’s comment on her tenth European medal. We know how to jump much better, but I’m not used to competing in front of so many people, adds Matteo, who has to turn 16 in October. For the two boys, both Romans, the pressure was perhaps decisive. In the final of the platform fifth place for Jodoin Di Maria and tenth for Maia Biginelli.

Where to see the races on TV

All the races will be live on free-to-air TV on Rai: the batteries on Raisport, the afternoon finals on RaiDue. Streaming on Rai Play. All races are also broadcast by Sky Sport.

Today’s program and results

From the 9 batteries Direct on Rai Sport + HD and Sky

400 freestyle D

1. Gose (Ger) 4’06”10
2. Simona Quadrella 4’08”80 qualified in the final
8. Antonietta Cesarano 4’12”35 qualified in the final
12. Noemi Cesarano 4’15 ” 72 eliminated
Martina Caramignoli not presented
400 freestyle U

1. Muehlleitner (Ger) 3’46”79
4. Popovici (Roma) 3’47”99
5. Lorenzo Galossi 3’48”15 qualified in the final
6.Gabriele Detti 3’48”32 qualified in the final
7. Marco De Tullio 3’48”38 eliminated
13. Matteo Ciampi 3’52 ” 35 eliminated
4×100 mixed D

1. Sweden 3’59”19
2. Italy 4’00”58 (Scalia, Angiolini, Di Liddo, Tarantino) qualified in the final
3. Holland 4’01”59
4×100 mixed U

1. Italy 3’34”35 (Lamberti, Poggio, Burdisso, Frigo) qualified in the final
2. Austria 3’34”82
3. Great Britain 3’35”45


From 6.00 pm final Live on Rai Sport + HD and Sky

50 freestyle U
Lorenzo Zazzeri
Leonardo De Plano
50 frog D

Arianna Castiglioni
Benedetta Pilato
100 back U

Thomas Ceccon
200 butterfly D

Ilaria Cusinato
Antonella Crispino
200 mixed U

Alberto Razzetti
400 freestyle D

400 freestyle U

4×100 mixed D

4×100 mixed U


From 12 Live Rai Sport + HD and Sky

12.00 Platform D – preliminaries

1. Spendolini (Gbr) 318.70
3. Sarah Jodoin of Mary 296.25
11. Maia Biginelli 250.80
13.50 Synchro springboard 3 meters mixed Final

1. Germany 294.69
2. Great Britain 290.76
3. Italy Matteo Santoro and Chiara Pellacani 283.56
14.55 Platform D Final
1. Spendolini (Gbr) 333.60
2. Lyskun (Ucr) 329.80
3. Wassen (Ger) 314.10
5. Jodoin Di Maria 301.40
10. Biginelli 260.80

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