Europeans, Minisini-Ruggiero gold in the free mixed duo synchronized swimming-

from Arianna Ravelli

The couple who had already won two golds at the World Championships in Budapest are repeated on the notes of the Maneskin. Bronze also for the free duo Cerruti-Ferro

Lucrezia couldn’t wait any longer, she watched Giorgio perform that little historical step that was the solo exercise of men, while trying to escape the distractions that competitions at home inevitably involve (You know, there are friends, family, many who call you, for wonderful to have this cheering) but now finally the duo has recomposed. Only the Maneskin are missing – in attendance, because their Beggin resounds all right – and then the complete party: on the other hand, those who dominated the world (two gold medals in Budapest) could not miss the opportunity at these Europeans.

The understanding, on the other hand, is always the same, perfect: a symbiosis that is built over time, which goes from 8-10 hours in the pool together every day, from long moments in retreat, from sharing the same room to competitions. international. He is a chatterbox, she more, he is engaged (with Enrica, another synchronous who competes in the team, who is calm because she knows perfectly well that Lucrezia and I behave professionally), she is single, he says that she does not count the laps , she who stubborn, he sometimes risks getting carried away by negative thoughts (but the strength of the team saves me), she went to a mental coach to manage anxiety, he studies Biology and the merit of her who studies Law and made him understand that commitments could be reconciled.

European swimming championships, where to see today’s races: the program and the results

There are no eliminations at the European Championships, there is immediately the final of the mixed duo: the blue couple sets the pool on fire, perhaps they leave something to the excitement, because they close with 89.7333 (less than at the World Cup when they had exceeded 90), however enough to place themselves ahead of Spain (84.7667) and Slovakia 77.0333 to increase an already very rich medal table.

Shortly before, in fact, Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferrothe two Ligurians who play robots in the water who rediscover themselves as humans, win a bronze with a score of 91.7000 behind the Austrian twins Anna Maria and Eirini Maria Alexandri (who are three also considering the Vasiliki reserve) with 93.0000 and the Ukrainian twins Maryna and Vladyslava Aleksiva very first in 94.7333.

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