Eurospin beats the competition, “it costs only 39 euros”! Everyone wants it

It cannot be missing at home, especially if sold at such a competitive price that it is creating many queues outside the shops throughout Italy.

Queue at the supermarket
Queue at the supermarket (Photo by ThamKC AdobeStock)


Since that 1993 he has come a long way Eurospin given that today it is one of the most popular large-scale distribution chains in Italy.

In fact, over the years it has been able to offer convenient products for the pockets of Italian consumers but also an increasing attention to the customer with clean, well-organized environments, large outdoor parking lots, and an efficient website where it is possible to see the offers of the day and the weekly ones.

It was born in 1993 on the initiative of four families of entrepreneurs who had already worked in the large-scale distribution sector for some time, so they were far-sighted on the work to be done. The founders are Pozzi Dugan (Lombardy), the Mion di Migross (Verona), the Odorizzi (Trento Cooperative Dao) and the Barbon di Vega (Treviso).

Widespread throughout the peninsula, the chain is attracting a lot of interest for the latter appliance sold for only 39.90 euros, much lower than the average market price for a similar product. Let’s see immediately what it is!

Eurospin: the most loved appliance in the kitchen arrives. The offer is about to expire

It is an appliance that everyone should have at home to prepare light and healthy dinners and lunches. Let’s talk about the air fryer real revolution in the kitchen in the last 5 years, everyone wants it for their incredible ability to give food almost free of oil but still very rich in taste and well-being for the line.


Eurospin air fryer 39 euros forward offer
Eurospin air fryer (Photo from the web)

These appliances indeed They “fry” with the air as the name says. No seasoning inside the oven, except a few drops of oil that is inserted on the surface to give the dishes more crunchiness and browning.

Does this appliance really hurt? We talked about it in the following article “Does the air fryer hurt? What the experts say “.

Eurospin rode the wave and decided to launch his own economic version of the fryer at 39.90 euros but not for this reason of inferior quality to the upper level ones on the market.

Is called MANDINE and has a capacity of 5 liters8 cooking programs available, the LCD digital screen and a temperature that reaches 200 ° C.

Eurospin open positions 2022
Eurospin (Instagram photo)

This offer is only available online and for a limited time only inclusive between 28 July and 10 August. Anyone who wants to take advantage of it still has very little time, hours for precision!

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