Eurosport and TVP journalists have determined where the home of Polish jumps is!

They went together and they come back from Wisła together. The Eurosport journalist has again posted a photo with his colleague from TVP Sport. There was also a reference to the “home of Polish jumps”.

Igor Kubiak

Igor Kubiak

Kamil Stoch

Press materials / COS / Paweł Skraba / In the photo: Kamil Stoch

For the first time this season, the ski jumping World Cup competitions were broadcast not on TVN, but on TVP. Public Television has the right only to competitions that take place in Poland, i.e. in Wisła and Zakopane. In addition, viewers could watch the jumpers’ actions in Eurosport.

It was the Eurosport journalist, Michał Korościel, who, after the individual competition, posted a photo of the car with Filip Czyszanowski, who works for TVP Sport. “The representatives of TVP Sport and Eurosport are coming back over the divisions together with the Vistula. We unanimously believe that the home of Polish ski jumping is in Ramsau” – he wrote next to the joint photo (see below).

Korościel had already uploaded a similar photo with Czyszanowski on Friday morning, before training and qualifying. Then the journalists set off on a journey to the Vistula (more HERE).

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The issue of the “house of Polish jumps” mentioned in the entry was already discussed by other commentators during the weekend. On Friday, Maciej Kurzajewski could not help but move towards TVN. – It’s wonderful that you are with us and we trust that you will be with us when the jumps are at home, that is on Polish Television. Everywhere is good, but it’s best at home – he said on TVP.

A day later, Marek Rudziński, a Eurosport journalist, responded to Kurzajewski’s words. – This year this house has been rebuilt a bit and it just so happened that a bit more family related people are on one side, but we have a room that we can share with part of the family who now lives a little bit elsewhere and we will be sharing this one for two weekends family home – he said during the team competition (more HERE).

In turn, Korościel and Czyszanowski established that the Polish ski jumping house is in the Austrian … Ramsau. How did you come to that? It is there that our players undergo additional training in search of form. Due to weaker disposition, Dawid Kubacki, Jakub Wolny, Andrzej Stękała and Klemens Murańka will go to Ramsau for days and will therefore leave the World Cup competitions in Klingenthal (more HERE).

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