Eurostat. Healthcare expenses. How did Poland fare?

In 2020, healthcare expenditure increased in all European Union Member States, except Poland, according to the latest Eurostat data. Last year, Poland allocated the lowest amount of money in relation to GDP for health purposes.

Eurostat presented the latest data on health protection in the European Union countries.

Healthcare expenses. How did Poland fare?

Among the Member States, expenditure on health care in relation to GDP was the highest in Germany (11.2% of GDP), France (10.0%) and Belgium (8.8%). On the other hand, Poland (4.8%), Estonia (5.1%), Lithuania and Latvia (5.2% each) are countries that spend the least on healthcare.

Poland was also the only country in the Community where a decrease in health care expenditure was recorded (-0.3 pp). All other countries recorded an increase in funds allocated for this purpose in relation to GDP. The largest was in Cyprus (2.2 pp of GDP), Belgium (1.3 pp) and the Czech Republic (1.2 pp).


Eurostat emphasizes that although the funds allocated to health care increased in almost the entire European Union, the result could have been influenced by the decline in GDP due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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