Eurovision 2023: all the details before the grand finale

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Liverpool on 13 May. This festival of European music has been happening since 1956, and since then, Spain has managed to win twice, Last year we were at Crystal Microphone’s doorstep for the success of Chanel’s “Slomo”.

He Last year’s winner was Ukraine with the song “Stefania”. After getting the maximum number of votes from the public. However, given the current situation in the country The gala will be hosted by the United Kingdom, who came second with their song “Space Man”. will be held in Liverpool Arena Where we can see the contestants come on that magnificent stage and defend their song. Staging is one of the fundamental elements of Gala, as it can boost your candidacy and manage to climb several positions in the ranking., comes from the hand of this year’s scenery Yellow StudioThe aim was to find a message of unity and solidarity with which to celebrate music.

For those who do not know how the festival works, we will briefly explain it: 26 songs of approximately 3 minutes length to be performed out of sequence, Next, a vote is taken from each country by a professional jury that will distribute its votes to its preferred candidates. Finally the votes of the public will be added, who will be able to vote from home and from anywhere in the world. AndThe person with the most votes after both votes will be the winner.

The order of display is randomized. Each year the participants draw a piece of paper which will determine whether they will act in the first 13 or sing in the second part. Our representative will perform in position number 8 in the first half of the show. This is a situation in which Spain has never performed, but from which winners have emerged in other countries, such as, for example, Dana International With their song “Diva” or famous music group ABBA,

The stakes are on our side this year 2023 and that’s Blanca Paloma is in charge of representing Spain at Eurovision, The woman from Alicante won the Benidorm Fest for her song “Eya”. It is an ancestral lullaby with a flamenco rhythm dedicated to Yaya Carmen. In this you can bring out the singer’s great voice and personal style of singing. The Spanish candidacy is very interesting because there is no song in the festival that is similar to Blanca Paloma., The staging of the Alicante dress has a large semicircle of fringe and plays with lights in a combination of white, black and red. This is a very individual and unique condition He manages to endear himself to everyone thanks to his scintillating voice and his backup singers.

after the first and second semi-finals we already have 26 countries that will be a part of the grand finale this Saturday at 9:00 PM. This year it has a high level and a great variety of styles ranging from rock to folk. Favorite countries are SwedenWhose artist, Lauren, returns with her worldwide success in the Eurovision Song Contest after winning it in 2012 Excitement, This time he returns, putting himself first among the bookies with his song “Tattoo”. Furthermore, it returns with a staging that promises to surprise us all. Finland is one of the countries with the best chances of winning the award with the song “Cha Cha Cha”. It is an electro rock song that will get the entire audience on their feet. Our representative, Blanca Paloma, is currently ranked 5th at the bookmakers, a very good place to start for the finals.

For Blanca Paloma’s performances, she has a large team of chorus girls and dancers that will enhance the trance effect that the artist has been practicing on various European stages. It is staged with costumes made by Paola De Diego and Raul Amor who have managed to perfectly capture the energy of the song and what it wants to convey. The main design focuses on a tight-fitting bodice that simulates a heart-shaped armour.

If you still have no plans for Eurovision this year, we recommend that you be with your family or friends and watch the festival together. Eurofans often rate each country’s performance and create their own Top 5. will you sign up Let us know your favorites of this 2023.

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