Eurovision, the report cards of the final: Switzerland chooses soulful vocals (7 and 1/2), Portugal a soporific caress (5)

Here we are, we have reached the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the most popular music contest and non-sporting event in the world. In Italy it does not heat up too much even if the shares of the two semifinals aired on Raiuno are good (over 5 million viewers equal to 27% share, a year ago it was 2.3%) and they recorded for 40 % an audience of very young people. On Twitter a mantra is being relaunched in these hours: “It doesn’t happen but if it happens” and alludes to the fact that Italy can bring home a second victory after that of the Maneskin in Holland a year ago. 25 countries compete against each other tonight. Forty were the delegations that challenged each other but only twenty arrived here plus five countries (i big Five) who go to the final by right. These countries are Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom and will perform for the first time on the stage of theESC.

Appointment at 9 pm on Raiuno which will broadcast theEurovision 2022 from the Palaolimpico of Turin.

Here the ladder with all the songs in the race >>> Eurovision 2022, the lineup of the final: the Czech Republic opens, Maneskin super-guests, waiting for Mahmood and Blanco

There is expectation as to how the three chosen presenters will conduct who in the previous evenings did not hide the emotion and enthusiasm for the return of Eurovision in Italy: one above all Laura Pausini who also allowed herself some funny idioms. The first: that “holy cow”, during the first semifinal, when she got tangled up in announcing the sixth country promoted and then when she mimed and talked about the “squeeze”, which goes up when it’s your turn to get on stage, making you feel the unmistakable “Z” of Romagna. After wearing clothes of Valentino And Alberta FerrettiTonight Laura Pausini will show off the creations of Versace. On her Instagram profile there is a taste, with a tribute to the turquoise carpet, which makes Catwoman a bit blue fairy. Anyway, a winter palette for Laura: that is, colors that make the dark shades of her eyes and hair and her very pale skin resonate. Mika so far opted for monochromatic looks, maybe a little flat, will that change tonight? And Alessandro Cattelan so far he has taken refuge on rhinestones and points of light on dark dresses. Nothing is left to chance: everything is scripted and planned down to the smallest detail. The Eurovision “troika” is very careful to respect the rules: from the banned swear words (for which even the “pig cow” mentioned earlier created moments of embarrassment) to the lyrics of the songs that officially should not bear any political connotations. Officially. In 2007 Ukrainian singer Verka Serduchka finished second with a song called “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”. Serduchka had argued that the words “Lasha Tumbai” were Mongolian and meant “whipped cream”. It was a ruse: not only does the Mongolian not have such a phrase, but if you listen to the refrain, the words seem to follow a very targeted farewell: “Russia Goodbye”.

Guests and duets

Mika and Laura Pausini will perform in another duet. The first Italian singer to win a Eurovision is also expected as a guest: Gigliola Cinquetti (in 1964 with “I have no age”). The Måneskin who won the last edition with “Zitti e Buoni”. Damiano yelled into the microphone: “Rock N ‘Roll Never Dies!”. There will also be a tribute to Elvis Presley.

Here you can read the report cards to performances and songs, in a word: to the show, which Eurovision promises to give away again this year. We will also try to understand in advance who will go to this year on Barbara Dex Award. What’s this? It is an unofficial recognition invented by Eurovision fans with which the worst dressed artist is rewarded.

The conductors inaugurate the final

Great elegance but Laura Pausini is covered, albeit with glitter (in the early evenings the bare shoulders were more suggestive) after the medley of her songs: vote 8

Czech Republic / We Are Domi vote 6

The dance is always nice and she is snappy in her tracksuit (she looks like Cobie Smulders, the HIMYM actress) but it is a song that would have been the filler in the miscellany cd to give.

Romania / WRS Grade 3

Llámame, the volants, the ballet, the pimping audacity of WRS does not take root. And it’s trashy, you don’t like it.

Portugal / MARO Rating 5

Saudade, Saudade is soporific. Velvety, please, but as soon as she stops singing that enveloping sensation disappears. Speaking of hugging the gorgeous singer with braids from Pocahontas. Except that kind of bathrobe on him.

Finland / The Rasmus Grade 4

Think about that smash hit years ago, that catchy “In the Shadows”. They failed to capitalize. The look, on the other hand, recalls Strsicia’s correspondent, Stefania Petix

Switzerland / Marius Bear Grade 7 and a half

Long live the soul, especially if with these raucous choices. It’s a nice, contemporary response to The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry. Guys cry even though they wear the nail.

France / Alvan & Ahez Grade 7

It’s powerful, it feels like a dance leap into a deep and rural France but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear it in Gallipoli this summer. It won’t happen, we know.

Norway / Subwoolfer Grade 7

There is the mention of Daft Punk, and therefore they exceed the sufficiency. The song is heard, the refrain is printed in the head. (On bananas and songs remains unsurpassed and unsurpassed Arik Einstein “The banana bender”)

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