Eva Green and Joy, the twin sister who makes quality wine

Eve. Biblical name of the first woman, which contains all innocence and all sin. It is also the name of Eve GreenFrench actress daughter of film diva Marlene Jobert and Swedish dentist Walter Greenlaunched in cinemas by Bernardo Bertolucci in the brave and scandalous role in The Dreamers – The dreamers. Then became one star of the first magnitude between cinema and campaigns as a model and testimonialEva Green mixes a shy and very reserved character with dark and erotic roles that have made her the star of films and TV series such as 300, Sin City – A Dame to Kill For, The crusades, 007: Casino Royale and Penny Dreadful. But Eve it is also the brand of wines dedicated to her by her twin sister Johanne known as Joy, of which Eva herself was a testimonial. Few know of the bond between Eva and Joy Green and of the fact that the winery founded by the latter with her husband is in Bolgheri (accent on the “o”) in the province of Livorno.

Eva and Joy together as little girls (Listal)

Very related, very different

Eva and Joy Green are both 42 today. While Eva is the famous face and, in some ways, the family sex symbol, Joy has chosen a more reserved way of doing business, linked to the land, the vineyard, Tuscany and therefore Italy. With the husband Niccol√≤ Marzichi Lenzi they founded the winery The crosses where the wines are born (including Eve) produced with the assembly of Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. “With rigorously biological dynamics” as Marzichi Lenzi, Joy’s husband and Eva’s brother-in-law, specified in an interview with Corriere della Sera. The company maintains small dimensions and has few production lines, advancing step by step towards the search for new blends and lands in which to extend the vineyards.

“Bio” wine for a vegetarian

Eva Green, who lent herself as a testimonial for The crosses, she is a vegetarian. Extremely reserved, when she’s not on the set she doesn’t like to attend celebrity parties, social events or even promote on the red carpet. Single, she retires to the countryside alone or with her family. Twin sister Joy is similarly prone to secretiveness, Le Crocine was born as an act of love for the land and the “cultured” tranquility of the Tuscan territory. Small curious note: often linked to roles of dark lady and erotic seductress, Eva Green has said that for her those types of parts are very demanding, a real challenge, and that her rather daring debut with Bertolucci in The Dreamers it was a shock to the family, especially for his father Walter. Last curiosity in closing, in Eva’s words: “Of the twins, the brown one is Joy, I’m a natural blonde“. The raven hair and blue-green eyes look was suggested by a friend of her mother Marlene, and has never been abandoned since.

Joy Green with her husband and co-founder of the “Le Crocine” winery (from the company website)

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