Eva Longoria and Pepe Cane celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary

It’s been 4 years since Eva Longoria and Pepe Cane is gave the ‘Yes I accept’ and have since formed one of the families most beautiful of the medium.

How time passes! It seems like yesterday when Eva Longoria and Pepe Cane swore eternal love in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

The couple celebrated this Thursday, may 21, her fourth wedding anniversary and for doing that they had a show of flamenco music and dance exclusive, same as he danced his little son Santi.

“Today four years ago I married this beautiful man,” wrote the actress alongside a photo that was taken last year when she, Pepe and his son attended the Cannes Film Festival.

“The soul that is more friendly that I have ever known. Thank you for being the best partner in marriage and in life! May God continue to bless our journey together. I love you love of my life! Happy anniversary!”, dedicated to Eva Longoria to her husband.

The celebration of his wedding anniversary was given in the courtyard of his house, to where a small group of singers offered them a private show.

“What anniversary… Dancing up to six feet away,” said the actress, who also enjoyed seeing her son Santi dance the flamenco to the rhythm of the music that I listened to in the courtyard of his house.

Without a doubt, a wedding anniversary very special, because it was not only very intimate, but who had the better dancer of flamenco at home: “Santi is learning flamenco,” wrote her proud mom.

The unforgettable wedding

Eva Longoria and Pepe Cane began their romance in 2013 and since then there have been incredible moments.

The couple married on the 21st of may in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, before 80 guests, among whom were David and Victoria Beckham, Jaime Camil, Ricky Martin, Vanessa Williams, Mario Lopez, among others.

Eva never stopped to dance and share their happiness with the guests. She sang with Ricky Martin, she danced with Jaime Camil and was super in love and happy with her husband Pepe Cane.

By Alejandra Morón @CARASmexico
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