Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Carla Bruni… These 30 stars reveal themselves naturally, without makeup

The stars reveal themselves without makeup

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IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – When the spotlight goes out, celebrities expose themselves unvarnished on social networks by posting photos of their faces without artifice. Fashion phenomenon or real desire for authenticity?

Behind the screens and beyond the red carpets, actresses, singers and models are people like everyone else. Despite the makeup and their sharp beauty routines, they too have wrinkles, pimples, pigment spots, dark circles or puffiness that appear on their face over time. Some, used to being natural on their social networks, are keen to reveal behind the scenes, such as actresses Salma Hayek and Selena Gomez, or model Ashley Graham. In front of their millions of subscribers, they do not hesitate to regularly post photos of themselves without makeup, filters or retouching.

Some even dare to display their skin problems in pictures in order to uninhibit the people who follow them, like Kim Kardashian and her psoriasis, Elle Fanning and her eczema, or even Leni Klum and her acne.


Others have only started since confinement during the Covid-19 pandemic, participating in the advent of the “no make-up” trend, which was very popular at this time. A sincere desire for authenticity or a simple opportunity to follow a viral movement?

Finally, a handful of them have been questioned the sincerity of their “selfies” without makeup, such as singer Jennifer Lopez or actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, suspected of retouching or filtering their alleged photos without artifice. If the approach is never malicious, Internet users are not fooled…

The stars reveal themselves without makeup

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