Even a PLN 500 return for a Samsung smartwatch!

Samsung is very fond of launching promotions in which, after purchasing a given device, we can apply for a refund of some funds spent on it. This is how we can save on the purchase of watches Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Classic.

Promotion is chasing promotion

The promotion lasted almost until the end of November, in which after buying the watch Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it was possible to get 350 zlotys of return. Now the manufacturer beats this offer, offering buyers PLN 430 return for the model Galaxy Watch 4 and as much as PLN 500 return for the purchase Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. How to use the action?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (Photo by Tablet)

Everything is explained nicely on the Samsung website. In order to enjoy the saved funds, you need to take all the steps mentioned by the organizer of the action. In sequence:

  1. We buy a selected device from the Galaxy Watch4 series during the period from 01/10/2022 to 01/30/2022 at business partners (for example, Media Expert).
  2. We register the device through the registration form until 02/06/2022. In the form, we attach the proof of purchase of the product, a photo of the cut-out part of the box with a barcode and a photo of the box with a visible place after the barcode was cut out.
  3. We leave our opinion about the new smartwatch from the Galaxy Watch 4 series in the registration form and mark it with the hashtag #OpiniawRamachPromocji.
  4. After positive verification of the application, within 21 calendar days we will receive a PLN 500 return to the account when buying Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, or PLN 450 return to the account when buying Galaxy Watch 4.

An important issue: the return is not payable if there is any Samsung smartphone on the proof of purchase of the Product. Therefore, to avoid problems with the return, when buying a watch, we make sure that only the smartwatch is in the basket with the order.

Some important details

It will also be useful to know a few additional details about the promotion. In point 3 of the above set of steps, the issue of feedback was mentioned. As specified in the Regulations, the recommended length of the opinion is a minimum of 250 characters including spaces.

Verification of applications will take up to 14 calendar days. So it may happen that if we register the device and send our application on the last date, the refund will not appear on our account until March.

In addition, refunds are given on a first-come, first-served basis. It is not worth delaying filling in the form. The regulations do not specify how much the prize pool is limited. It is certain that by joining the promotion in the initial phase of its duration, we will be able to take advantage of the refund.

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