even more style (and challenges) in the Season 3 trailer

Emily Cooper is coming back: here is the release date, official trailer and all the details to keep in mind.

Netflix has released an official trailer for the third season of Emily in Paris, a new step in the professional and sentimental journey of the colorful and bubbly Emily Cooper (Lily Collins). Greater attention for this third season, in fact, seems to have been paid to Emily’s sentimental sphere, which, judging by the trailer, seems to be marked by numerous challenges, including the difficulty of “choosing” what is best for oneself, now and in the future. However, we will have answers to all our questions starting on December 21, the release date announced next to the trailer.

Here is a brief technical recap: the cast of Emily in Paris 3 includes Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Lucien Laviscount, Bruno Gouery, Camille Razat, Samuel Arnold, and William Abadie. Darren Star and Lily Collins are confirmed to lead the series, as they will return to executive produce the project.

Lily Collins has been adding lately to his television resume too The Accomplice, television adaptation of Lisa Lutz’s thriller novel of the same name. The news, reported a few weeks ago by Variety, unfortunately didn’t leave us many details, if not preliminary information on the actual production. First of all, we know that the production will see Collins both as star and as showrunner, while the direction itself will be tackled by the young Olivia Milch, already behind the eventful Ocean’s 8 and teen comedy dude. At the cinema instead David Fincher had proposed it with Mank (2020), alongside a cast led by Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried, while a recent second appearance came with the dramatic Windfall by Charlie McDowell, who directed Collins opposite Jason Segel and Jesse Plemons.

Are you curious to see what looks Emily will offer us this new season?

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