Even strong thunderstorms cross part of the North, pay attention to the next few hours also in the Center. Situation and forecasts for the rest of the day and for Italy «3B Meteo

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THE SITUATION – A small cyclonic ripple linked to a rift in action between the UK and Scandinavia involved part of the northern regions during the late Monday evening and Tuesday night. Since about 9 pm and then with increasing determination and diffusion, storm cells have formed on Trentino Alto Adige, the Dolomites and Upper Friuli with heavy showers and local hailstorms. By midnight, accumulations of up to 30mm had already affected the province of Trento, then in the following hours the instability spread to Emilia Romagna as well. Currently storm cells are still present between lower Lombardy, lower Veneto and Emilia Romagna, it rains up to the Romagna coast. The most abundant accumulations in the province of Trento are where they are locally exceeded 80mm but peaks of 30-40mm have also been reached in the province of Udine. Irregular cloud cover also transited over Liguria but produced few effects. On the rest of the Peninsula, the anticyclonic field of Azorean origin held up well and the weather conditions remained stable.

EXPECTED EVOLUTION IN THE NEXT HOURS – Later in the day, the cyclonic loop will also involve part of the Center, stimulating an instability, especially of a convective type, therefore in the afternoon hours and with phenomena that may also be locally strong. Little to report on the rest of Italy where conditions will remain virtually unchanged. But let’s see then how this day will go.

WEATHER ON TUESDAY NEXT HOURS: North, irregular cloudiness over lower Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and lower Veneto with some rain or thunderstorms, few sterile clouds elsewhere. In the afternoon, new short showers on the Dolomites, upper Friuli and the Emilian Apennines, here also with a stormy nature. No or occasional phenomena elsewhere with more sun especially in the Northwest. Between evening and night cloudiness and phenomena attenuation. Center, in the morning irregular cloudiness over Tuscany and the upper Marche with some isolated rainstorms, slightly cloudy elsewhere. In the afternoon more widespread instability along the ridge with the possibility of thunderstorms, locally intense on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and on the Abruzzo-Lazio Apennines, locally hailstorms, phenomena absent elsewhere except occasionally on the Maremma. In the evening, attenuation of clouds and phenomena everywhere. Southclear or partly cloudy in all sectors with a slight diurnal variability in the Apennines between Molise and Campania where some isolated thunderstorms are not excluded, especially in Molise. Temperatures decreasing in the North and Middle Adriatic, stable elsewhere, very hot in Sardinia, Central Tyrrhenian and South Peninsular. Peaks of 36/37 ° C in the Tyrrhenian hinterland and in Sardinia. Winds northerners between North and NE, generally weak with some reinforcement on the Adriatic and Ionian. Mari moved Adriatic and Ionian, slightly moved or locally moved in the afternoon the others.

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