Events on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral. The prime minister’s office apologizes to the queen

The office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized to Queen Elizabeth II for two events held in Downing Street on the night before her husband, Prince Philip’s funeral. At that time, there was national mourning in the country.

The head of government was not on Downing Street on April 16, 2021, so he was disclosed on Friday by the Daily Telegraph making matters worse for him with the series of informal parties, get-togethers and events that have taken place on Downing Street. while due to covid restrictions they were forbidden.

It is deeply regrettable that this took place during a time of national mourning and Number 10 (10 Downing Street, or the prime minister’s office – editor’s note) apologized to the Palace. As you heard from the prime minister this week, he admitted that the Number 10 should maintain the highest standards and took responsibility for things we didn’t do well Johnson’s spokesman said.

When asked why this bureau apologized and not the head of government in person, the spokesman replied, “Well again, the prime minister said there had been erroneous judgments before and it was right for people to apologize as the prime minister did so earlier this week. The fact remains that I cannot prejudge the investigation that you know is ongoing and led by Sue Gray, but we recognize significant public outrage. it is regrettable that this happened at a time of national mourning“.

Earlier on Friday, former communications director James Slack apologized for the situation described by the Daily Telegraph. It was because of his retirement from Downing Street and his switch to the daily newspaper “The Sun” that one of two events was organized on April 16, 2021. He said he wanted to “to apologize unconditionally for the anger and pain caused by it.”

This event should not have happened at the time it happened. I am very sorry and take full responsibility – added.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that there were two events in Downing Street that day – one because of Slack’s departure, the other – one of the prime minister’s photographers. Initially, they were held separately – the latter in the basement of the building, in a poorly ventilated room, i.e. in conditions where the coronavirus spreads most easily – but around midnight they both merged into a single downing street garden party. There were about 30 people altogether there at that time.

Parties the day before the funeral of Prince Philip. Another Downing Street scandal

As the Daily Telegraph describes, citing witnesses, including participants in these events, at one point there was a fear that there might be a shortage of alcohol, so one of the people went to a nearby supermarket and in her suitcase, she brought several bottles of wine.

In turn, the participants of the event in the basement expressed concerns that while they were dancing, too much wine spilled on the carpet. Later, when they all moved into the garden, one of the staff members on Downing Street stepped on the baby swing of the newborn son Boris Johnson and broke it. The party was supposed to end late after midnight from Friday to Saturday.

On Friday morning, one of the deputy interior ministers Damian Hinds, speaking on Sky News, admitted that he was shocked by reading these reports.

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