“Every customer is a star”

Rossano Ferretti is a creator of beauty, a true legend in the world of hairstyle. Her “invisible cut” is famous all over the world, but her hairstyles are always personalized, because her hair defines a way of being.

Rossano Ferretti is known as “The Master of Hair”, the most revolutionary industry leader of the last three decades, with luxury salons around the world. Many Hollywood stars, supermodels, members of the Royal Family turn to him. Just to name a few, Reese Witherspoon, Dakota Johnson, Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lawrence are his clients. He created the long bob for Pippa Middleton and the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton are among his clients. But be careful asking him for a comment on them. He will limit himself to saying that “Every customer is a star for me”.

Today, with Rossano Ferretti and the production company Shine Iberia, a Banijay Group company, hairdressers have taken a step forward in the world of television. In 2023 it will come to life HairStyle: The Talent Showa new format and concept in which the best haircare professionals will challenge each other by facing the most extraordinary challenges to win the victory and conquer a complete renewal of their salon.

Tell us about your new project HairStyle The Talent Show? How did the idea come about?
I’ve been a hairdresser since I was a child, I grew up in my mom’s shop in a town of 400 inhabitants and I’ve always fought against the planet, because there’s nothing and no one that makes life easier for a hairdresser. Ours is a very underrated profession, which is why with my talent I want to give aspiration to both the industry and above all to consumers because they don’t know what is behind this wonderful profession where someone like me, from nothing, becomes Rossano Ferretti, the most famous hairdresser in the world, celebrated everywhere. So I want to share my keys to success. I’m 62 and I think this is the smartest thing to do.

How will the talent show take place?
I can’t tell you much. Now we are doing the casting and then in March we will tell the program in more detail and reveal the celebs who will be part of it. It will be made in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and of course in Italy. The best hairdressers of these countries will compete, to access there are no age or gender limits, it is under the banner of total inclusiveness, from every point of view. These people will have to demonstrate to me if they have the characteristics to become the hairdressers of the future. What I want is to find new names, new Rossano Ferretti, that is, someone who knows how to say something new to the market and about the idea of ​​beauty. The talent also gives the winner the opportunity to open his own salon, equipped with the equipment and products to become successful, thanks to a cash prize. Plus – and I’ve never done this before – I’ll be mentoring.

How much does hair care define a person’s beauty?
A rather well-known person, perhaps the most important in the world of fashion and publishing [sospettiamo si tratti di Anna Wintour, cliente di Rossano Ferretti ndr], he told me one day: ‘I’ve changed my mind, diamonds are not women’s best friends, but Rossano Ferretti is’. This is to say how much hair affects a person’s beauty, happiness, physical and mental state. When a person feels beautiful with their hair, the rest becomes a less important accessory. You can have the most exclusive Hermès, but if you have hair from m. all the rest is nothing.

So how can we have beautiful hair?
Get informed and take care of them, because the hair is the same age as the skin. Almost always in a woman’s bathroom there are many skincare products, some make-up and a scarce shampoo, perhaps bought at the supermarket. Basically it’s an educational fact, most of the information in the beauty world is about makeup and skincare, while hair care is forgotten. This is why I tell you that we hairdressers are often mistreated, our prices are contested, but you have to think that a cut lasts three to four months and is crucial for feeling good and at ease every day. It’s a cultural issue.

How do you create your hairstyles? What inspires you?
Nothing has ever inspired me other than the person in front of me. There is nothing else, because you have to build beauty on who is in front of you. There are no fads, trends. Naturally it is clear that I inform myself, I observe what is around me and I understand its energies, but it is the person who tells you how to build their beauty. It is wrong to say ‘this is my cut’, because the cut belongs to the person who wears it. The hairdresser’s job is to give the client the opportunity to feel good.

Today many women choose not to dye their hair anymore and leave it gray, what do you think of these natural looks?
I believe that everyone should do what they feel like doing. I launched the natural hair I had 25 years ago, that is 37 years ago. In my first color campaign, I featured a woman with gray hair. I’ve always been a bit too forward with my vision: I was talking about inclusiveness in 1998, I published a book in 1992 that went in that direction. For me, beauty can only be inclusive and I have thought this since the beginning of my career. I make television for this too, to spread information and to tell what it means to enter a salon, to show what lies behind our work, what scientific studies are behind our cuts.

What kind of experience does one have by entering your salons?
I opened my first shop in Parma in 1990, I was on the first floor in an apartment from the 1500s, from 1494 to be exact, I didn’t even put up the sign. It was an apartment with mirrors, sofas, a bar area, in short, everything beautiful you can put in a hairdressing salon of a certain level. My colleagues told me: ‘You will fail with this shop’. But I replied: ‘No, because I will give my customers a unique experience’. And now that salon is a milestone.

You once said that you treat every person like a star
I said exactly: ‘Every client is a celebrity for me‘. Personally for me it is like this. I say this when they ask me questions, which embarrass me a lot and which I avoid answering, about my famous clients. But for me it really is: all women are celebrities. What matters is not the name, but the person. I always do my best for any customer who comes to me.

I won’t ask about your celebrity clients, but could you make a technical comment about Kate Middleton’s hair?
I will never tell you [ride ndr].

Your beauty icon?
The only woman I wanted to comb did Breakfast at Tiffany’s [si tratta di Audrey Hepburn ndr] and to me she is the immortal beauty. She is always modern, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Any practical advice for our female readers? On your Instagram you publish “Before/after” photos where you change the face of your customers with just a few details
But in fact my Instagram profile wants to educate people. My site is also educational, it’s a university of beauty.

It also has a lot of art
Yes, art is part of myself. It’s in everything I make, even in the spaghetti tomato dish I cooked for my wife last night after a 20-hour road trip. Beauty is something harmonious and you either have this sense or you don’t. I’ve always said that I want to turn colorists and haircuts into art directors, because they must be considered true creators of beauty.

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