Every second used car has serious faults and should not be bought

As many as 43% of the cars tested by the OtomotoKLIK platform were in such a bad technical or legal condition that they were not allowed for sale. In the case of as many as 15% of cars that did not pass the inspection, the insurer stated total loss, and yet the cars were to be delivered to new owners

– we read in the report prepared by experts from Carsmile.

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That is why it is worth keeping a safe distance from the car in front of us

Buying a car used as a lottery game

120 car parts are tested in the following areas: paint, tires, exterior (mirrors, windows, etc.), lighting, engine, chassis and steering, vehicle interior, electronics and equipment. Diagnostic tests are also carried out. The inspection is carried out by one of the largest companies in Europe, which examines approximately 300,000 cars annually.

More information important for drivers can be found on the Gazeta.pl home page.

OtomotoKLIK revealed the results of the expertise of the first pool of vehicles, tested in the third quarter of 2021, right after the launch of the platform. The results of the inspection may seem shocking: as many as 43% of the tested cars did not receive the so-called Digital Vehicle Passport. Thus, they did not qualify for sale on the OtomotoKLIK platform.

This percentage means that almost every second car that was to be sold did not allow safe driving at all, or the estimated cost of removing defects important from the point of view of safety and driving comfort was very high. The Digital Vehicle Passport can only be issued to a car whose technical condition enables safe driving or when the cost of removing the detected defects and faults, which are important from the point of view of safety and driving comfort, is small in relation to the price of the car.

– explains Arkadiusz Zaremba, managing director at Carsmile and at the same time head of the OtomotoKLIK platform

15% of rejected applications due to total loss

One of the most surprising conclusions of the inspections carried out is the high proportion of cars that they had total loss and the owner tried to sell them. Such cars accounted for as much as 15% of cars that did not receive the Digital Vehicle Passport.

However, the most common reason for disqualification, accounting for 34% of negative inspection results, turned out to be “significant mechanical damage”, including primarily a breach of the vehicle structure, and less frequently – flooding or burning of the car.

The next place, with a 22% share in rejected applications for the issuance of a Digital Vehicle Passport, was taken by the “excess number of sheet metal repairs”. Testing the thickness of the sheet metal coating in various parts of the body allows us to state with high probability that, for example, the car rolled over despite the fact that Such a damage was not reported to the insurer, and the excessive number of body repairs suggests that the car most likely had a lot of mechanical repairs as well, as these usually go hand in hand with serious damage to the car body, and sellers are reluctant to share this knowledge with buyers.

Floods in Germany visible in Polish statistics

The following items on the list of defects that prevented the issuance of the Digital Vehicle Passport include: excessive wear of the interior (e.g. damage to the upholstery), questionable legal condition of the vehicle and significant corrosion. – Corrosion was found mainly in cars from flood areas, incl. imported from Germany after the July flood, but also in cars used in mountainous areas, where the chassis often comes into contact with snow – explains Zaremba. However, the mileage inconsistent with the facts turned out to be a relatively rare disadvantage (2.5% of rejected applications for a Digital Vehicle Passport).

According to the updated data of the Polish Automotive Industry Association, the average age of a passenger car in Poland exceeds 14 years, and one-fifth of cars are vehicles over 20 years old. According to IBRM Samar data, in 2021 almost 940,000. passenger cars, by almost 11% more than a year earlier. The average age of cars imported last year was 12 years and 6 months.

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