“Everyone here is confused”

A Cuban living in the United States sent a message on social networks to all those who are about to arrive in the country, especially those who are traveling or thinking about living there.

“If you’re going here, to Yuma, the first thing you have to do before you leave Cuba is figure out where you’re going and who’s going to see you… You will receive the address you must provide when crossing the border,” Miguel Figaro said in a video posted on social networks. Tik Tok.

Cubans used direct language to warn fellow citizens eager to reach U.S. soil, but failed to notify family or friends living in the country in time until they arrived in Mexico.

“Everyone is struggling here, everyone is nervous here. The rentals are not going to accommodate that many people,” he explained.

Additionally, he believes that every time someone reaches rent, they have to talk to the landlord, and a lot of times they will start charging more.

“Sometimes many of us, most of us, don’t know how America works,” he said.

On the social network itself, another Cuban had previously crashed Five suggestions for compatriots who have just returned to China; a key that he believes is crucial to achieving success.

Marcial Gutiérrez, a 29-year-old Cuban who arrived in the United States a decade ago, found Tik Tok These five suggestions: the first is to buy a car, the second is that after three or four months – as soon as you have a little autonomy – leave the house that welcomed you when you arrived in the country.

As a third figure, he explains how to work your way out of debt. Additionally, No. 4 said he has more than one job.

Finally, the fifth step, which he considers the most important, is extreme frugality.

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