Everyone in the kitchen: Internet users outraged by Marie’s outfit infiltrates (ZAPTV)

Monday August 14, 2023, Marie infiltrates who went behind the stoves in the show Tous en cuisine. But it is not the comedian’s culinary talents that have been talked about on social networks. And indeed, the manners and the incendiary outfit of this piquant Parisian strongly displeased Internet users.

Madam without gene… This is how Marie infiltrates is characterized. The comedian with a very particular style regularly arouses controversy. Like that day when she defied all the taboos to crashing on the catwalk during the Chanel fashion show in October 2019. An eruption that did not really amuse the famous tops. Spurned by Gigi Hadid, the young Parisian however realized a master stroke by thwarting the XXL security service. A happening that will remain etched in the annals of Fashion Week.

Ready to do anything for the buzz, Marie infiltrates is not the type to back down in the face of adversity. This is how she did it again a few years later at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. This time, the organizers of the ceremony only showed no resistanceleaving him free to share the stage for a moment with Antoine de Caunes, very surprised to see the Youtuber arrive, whom he did not recognize right away. After having showed her ass to the general amazement, the latter took the opportunity to address a declaration of love to the actor Louis Garrel. And to plunge the audience into a general malaise. However, Jazz Correia’s pet peeve would have deliberately created the embarrassment as she had explained on social networks. It doesn’t matter if it earns him some teasing on social networks.

Marie’s attitude infiltrates annoys internet users

More at ease on the catwalks than in the kitchen, Marie infiltrates is not the type to assist. Not even the great Chef that is Cyril Lignac. Guest on the show Everyone in the kitchen this Monday, August 14, 2023, the comedian had raised the temperature on social networks by revealing his outfit. Out of the question for this eternal provocateur to put on the traditional apron and the toc of circumstance. The latter, moreover, made no secret of being a poor cook confiding that she didn’t even master the beaba in the kitchen. Impatient to finally be able to learn about the oh so subtle art of gastronomy, she quickly lost this state of mind since the pretty brunette did not really play the model clerk.

Totally boosted and uninhibited, the youtuber created outrage on social media. Many have pointed to her outfit, deemed too provocative : “More and more vulgar guests, it’s crazy“, “She is vulgar“, “I’m really embarrassed. Vulgarity and forced humor. Huge disappointment“, “She got everyone so drunk that the sound manager muted his microphone“, “The other one has her tits in the air, frankly it’s a shame” can we read on X formerly Twitter. A bitter disappointment for fans of the program who still have a bitter taste…

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