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Ferragosto weather: everything changes, indeed everything collapses ahead of schedule. First reliable trend

Latest updates on temperatures and rainfall for the highlight month of the summer

Screenings until August 15th Weather Mid-August: after a very hot start to August, then it changes, indeed everything collapses sooner than expected.

Thing we must expect on the weather front for the next few weeks? There are many in these last days to ask us about the expected time for August and in particular for the first two weeks of the new month, roughly until the holiday of Mid-August, traditionally the highlight for the holidays of many Italians; well after a very hot start, by August 15th something could change due to a renewed dynamism in the Atlantic.

Analyzing the general hemispheric picture it appears evident that already from the next days of August the presence of theAfrican anticyclone it will be a constant on the Mediterranean basin.
Most of the first decade of the month will likely be very hot and sunny from north to southwith some local storms only in the Alps. In short, it therefore risks continuing there anomalous climatic phase which is characterizing this Summer 2022, with hot air masses rising from North Africa with the consequence of having peaks of temperatures over 35/36 ° C with peaks up to around 40 ° C in the areas of the Center and the two major islands .

Then just around August 15th, approximately from 13-14 onwards, we could have one greater dynamism in the Atlantic and Northern Europe, from where the more unstable and cool flows responsible for the waves of bad weather start. For the details, it is necessary, as usual, to wait a few more days to better understand if this trend will be confirmed, which would represent a sort of first “atmospheric release” after 2 months of almost undisputed anticyclonic domination.

ATTENTION: if this were to be confirmed we can expect a part of Italy affected by storm breaks which on several occasions could interrupt the peace and the heat (thermal values ​​still beyond the norm) guaranteed by the high pressure: at risk, especially the regions of North.
The South Center and the two major islands instead, they should remain more on the margins protected byAfrican anticyclone with temperatures again well above the reference climatic averages. Given the sub-tropical origin (inside of the Sahara Desert) of the air masses, in addition to a lot of sun, all this risks turning into new heat waves, especially in the Center-South and on the two major islands, with thermometers ready to splash diffusely above 35 ° C.

In the next insights we will be able to be more precise on the areas possibly involved.
For now, space for the great heat in the first week of August.

Central North risk of thunderstorm breaks after 10 August, South and Major Islands still hotCentral North risk of thunderstorm breaks after 10 August, South and Major Islands still hot

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