Everything is seen! Natti Natasha recorded like this: Demolishing video!


The fame acquired by Natti Natasha in recent times has made hundreds of data circulating around the networks related to the singer of the Dominican Republic that few knew. And not only that: there are hundreds of Instagram accounts created by fans dedicated to the girl who often finds unpublished photos and videos of the artist.

Documents that circulate like gunpowder in social networks and leave more than one with an open mouth. But we do not now refer to those risque documents in which the celebrity boasts a great body.

The Natti Natasha you didn’t know

We talk about what we share next, in which Natti appears as only a child of no more than five years. A Natasha that already looks very launched when there is a camera in front. A video that shows how little was left to see about the Dominican.

Natti Natasha now faces some very important months ahead. It is up to him to give everything to stay on top if she does not want her song Sin Pijama, which she plays with Becky G and accumulates more than 1,600 views on YouTube, to be her ceiling.


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