‘Everything offended me’: The real victim’s account that inspired the controversial Netflix film

An actress will travel to Maine to research the life of a woman she will play in a movie. (Netflix)

Controversy surrounds new product launch Netflix, scandalous secrets (May December), starring Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore.The film is produced by Todd Haynes (carol), which attracted attention because the story it presented remained remarkably similar to real-life cases. Mary Kay LetourneauA scandal that rocked American society in the 1990s.

In the film, Portman plays Elizabeth Berry, an actress immersed in the investigation of a conflicted marital past involving minors. charles melton (riverdaleJoe Yoo, a Golden Globe nominee for the work, plays the 13-year-old seduced by Moore’s character, authentically recreating Letourneau’s real-life dynamics Willy FuaraoThey had an intimate relationship when they were just 12 years old.

Scandalous Secrets is based on the case of teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, who had a romantic and sexual relationship with a minor student. (Source: Netflix)

Despite the inspirational nature of the events that make up the plot, Folalau (40) expressed his dissatisfaction with the production.with hollywood reporter, he revealed that no one involved had contacted him for comment. “I was outraged by the entire project and the lack of respect given to me, a story that I lived through that was true and that I’m still living,” he said.

This isn’t an isolated omission in Hollywood, as it’s common for productions to separate their narratives from the events they’re based on in order to exercise greater creative freedom.script May December Written by Samy Burch, who confirmed that he was inspired by Letourneau case, and more specifically the television interview and the media hype that comes with it. “They’re not the same details; they’re different.” It was just a starting point and a way for me to emotionally understand something like this. ” he told the same outlet before he was charged.

Charles Melton is also in the running for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. (Source: Netflix)

Letourneau died of cancer in 2020, with her husband by her side. Letourneau became a notorious figure in 1997 when he was tried and found guilty of abusing a minor. Foalau’s story is not simple, but a reality far beyond the simplification he says Haynes’ novel presents. “I love good movies and I admire films that capture the essence and complexity of real life events. These are works that make you see or realize something new every time you see them, so for me, with this It’s perfect for a writer and director to work together,” the aggrieved man added.

According to the official plot synopsis: “Twenty years after Gracie (Julianne Moore) and Joe (Charles Melton) sparked a media scandal over their relationship, they are living a seemingly perfect life in the suburbs. But as the famous TV That calm ends with the arrival of actress Elizabeth (Natalie Portman), who comes to the neighborhood to investigate Gracie, whom she will soon play. As Elizabeth delves deeper into the couple’s daily lives , the horrifying details of what happened gradually emerge, and painful wounds that seemed closed are reopened. In this work, director Todd Haynes (“Safety,” “Carol”) explores One of humanity’s greatest talents: denying who we are.

Representatives for Netflix, Haynes and Melton have yet to comment on Fualao’s reaction or his thoughts on the film. (Source: Netflix)

scandalous secrets It will be released in Argentina on January 25, in Mexico on February 2, and in Peru and Chile on March 7.In the meantime, you can see Natalie Portman Among other works available on the platform, such as Closer: Driven by Desire and annihilation.

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