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This March marks seven years since its original launch nintendo switchA gaming console that will shock the world has been revealed with a trailer that explores for the first time the option to switch from laptop to playing on your TV in the blink of an eye. Enough time has passed now that people have started to wonder what will happen next for the company, as there are a lot of rumors but nothing official from the so-called creators.

First of all, what can be analyzed about this launch is that the release date has varied over the years, but one artificial intelligence company mentioned that the device may be related to its next one called ” Game Shark Artificial Intelligence.This one will be released next month September this yearalthough it may have nothing to do with it, and things will go on until 2025after all, we are not like what happened in change The original.

There’s also a theory that it won’t be released before November, and that’s because we won’t be seeing the console appear during the first live event of the year, instead opting to release a full video over the summer explaining what we can expect from It starts with performance and gaming.List of titles that occur in 2017all basically launched in the same year, but the big franchise Nintendo as mario or zeldamore prominent Metroid Prime 4.

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Then we have how much the device is likely to cost, and the rumor mill returns once again as new components that will be included are rumored to cost $350, with the technology being compressed to be carried in the palm of the hand. So in terms of mobility convenience, it’s a portable device as its competitors like the Steam Deck are quite crude, take up a lot of space and can be uncomfortable to move around.

Of course, this part will also affect the game in some way, the first of which is no more, no less The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, its release price is $70, but it must be taken into account that this only applies to AAA games.The secondary ones will probably stay at $50, like we have Metroid Prime Remastered, and there are games we’ll see in February like Mario vs. Donkey Kong In the remake.

There are rumors that there will be two Switches on the market, one that will be cheaper for those who opt for digital versions of games and only have the option of adding a Micro SD card, although there are rumors that it will be backwards compatible for users who already have cards purchased. The second model is suitable for those who insist on the classic model with the cartridge integrated into the device, but like the Sony, the fact that it comes with a card reader adds at least $50 to the price.

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As for possible screens, they include a 120 Hz refresh rate, a brighter refresh rate, and 900p/1080p resolution for sharper clarity. But we’re not quite sure whether it’s LCD or OLED, the latter being the most popular.Of course, more powerful graphics cards are mentioned Nvidia In order to run more demanding games, it is even said that something like PS4 and Xbox One.

Another element that’s being talked about, stemming from patents revealed on the internet, is that the next control’s analog sticks will be made of magnetic material, thus solving the drift issue that’s been an issue with Joy Con throughout the series. generation.There were even Pro controls that were buggy on day one, which is why even Nintendo He responded to the complaint, had the controller picked up, repaired, and returned it.

Regarding information transmission, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro FurukawaMentioned, accounts created on Nintendo Switch are designed to be linked to more of the company’s products, so simply logging into the new console will give you access to previously purchased games. This will ultimately eliminate the habit of repurchasing games despite having already purchased them in past installments, similar to what is happening with PlayStation and Xbox.

Storage issues were also mentioned, with it saying that without SD cards involved, the OLED console would have at least double the 120 GB of space available to give people time to buy the add-ons.Batteries are also an issue because in things like tears of kingdom They usually last no longer than four hours and can be doubled to six or eight hours.

Judging from the technical data of its composition, the device will use a new chip based on NVIDIA, with improved performance and efficiency. In addition, it also supports NVIDIA DLSS, This technique is used to increase the rendering resolution to a higher quality (e.g. 720p to 1080p). You can also play Unreal Engine 5 games through the Matrix Awakens demo.There are even rumors that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was presented in Gamescom 2023 With greater power addition.

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Finally, it is speculated from Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD The games will be created for this new console, but the initial ones will share compatibility with the previous ones, it’s just that there are more features in the new games that will immediately catch your attention, such as frames per second and the possibility of 4K.In fact, it is ultimately possible Metroid 4 would not be released on the traditional Switch, thus becoming the first exclusive version of the sequel and garnering many sales in the process.

Nintendo He has yet to give official information about the device, so we’ll have to watch for direct reports in the future.

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Editor’s note: The number of rumors that have emerged are enough to keep people speculating on what the console will look like, but it’s best not to get too excited until Nintendo finally makes a statement. The perfect scenario is a live show in February, if not the last option may be to wait until summer to see it.

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