Everything Would Have Been Different! Thalia Rejected the Role of “the Usurper” for This Incredible Reason


The artist was going through her best years.

Hailed by many and considered one of the best soap operas of all time, “The Usurper” generated a huge stir for her time, but what would have happened if the protagonist had been Thalia?

And is that Salvador Mejía, who was the producer of the soap opera, has revealed a fact that nobody knew: she came to propose the lead role to the singer.

However, the actress rejected the position because she was preparing to perform a musical tour just at the time the recordings would begin.

Mejía commented: “I had spoken with Thalia originally. She loved the soap opera project but she had a musical tour all over America and for the time she couldn’t “

Because of this, it would be the Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic who would take the lead role, something that made her an international artist.

At the time, Spanic declared that the producer was delighted with her great talent and that she saw great potential in it, which made it the right one.

The soap opera was released in 1998 and was broadcast from February 9 to July 24. It was a great success that was reflected in the audience and is the most remembered, but what would have happened if  Thalia accepted this project?



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