Evetta: the electric microcar reminiscent of the BMW Isetta

This is the rather explanatory name of the idea behind the project: it combines, in fact, the acronym EVElectric Vehicle, with Isettathe famous microcar produced by BMW in the 1950s and 1960s. There are two versions of Evetta: Beforewith a price of 19,540, e Openairthe counterpart with removable hood, now available for pre-order. This version has a much higher price, of 33,333 euros, and will be available in 999 units, with deliveries expected from 2023.

Evetta based on the project Microlino. The company that produces it, ElectricBrands, has in fact acquired Artega in April of this year, and the latter was responsible for the Artega Karo based on the Microlino. Thanks to this round of licenses, therefore, ElectricBrand is now authorized to produce a clone of the Isettastrictly with electric motor.


The mini EV convertible will come standard with a 18 kWhwith a’autonomy of 200 kilometers. While Prima is actually a vehicle designed for everyday use, the Openair version has a more playful and recreational connotation. The compact convertible maintains entry through the front door as in the original Isetta, while the soft top cannot be opened or closed automatically at any time, as is customary with today’s convertibles, but must be removed completely before driving.

ElectricBrands also announced a third variant called Evetta Cargo. The images reveal an extended step and a ‘loading area, including a canvas cover. However, there are no details on this model nor the timing with which it will be available or the price.

ElectricBands is stepping up production of electric vehicles at its plant in Gttingen, demonstrating the seriousness of the project. He plans to build 30,000 mini EVs in the first year Evetta is on the market.

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