Ewa Rzepa runs a family orphanage. How can you help her?

Ewa Rzepa quit her job in a corporation and set up a family orphanage. Why did she choose to do this? What kind of babies do she care for? How is her situation now? You will find out from our report.

Helps children after their ordeals

Ewa Rzepa worked for a corporation for 25 years. One day he decided to abandon his current occupation and started helping the children. The woman established a family orphanage in Żyrardów. She practically takes care of toddlers without parental care. He currently looks after 12 of them.

– Full age range. These are children from the age of 10 months and there are 11 more children aged 4 to 14 – said Ewa in an interview with Małgorzata Ohme.

Why did she decide to start a family orphanage? Where did this thought come from? – She always was. Somewhere this is probably passed on by my mother who always helped. And she taught me that. (…) After some time I got a call that there was a girl with black hair and there was nowhere to go. And that’s how it happened. Within a week, I quit my job at a corporation, and then there were two more girls, then a boy and then an avalanche, she recalled.

The children she cares for most often come to her from an intervention. – There was an intervention by the police, because something happened in their family home and they had to be put on the run somewhere – she said. Theoretically, children are to stay with her only temporarily. – They’re coming to me. Parents have time to change their behavior, but in the case of children who are with me, this change does not occur (…) – admitted Ewa.

Family orphanage

Mrs. Ewa looks after children who have had very difficult experiences behind them. – These are children from different homes. Sometimes rich, sometimes poor. Troubled homes. The problem of alcohol, the problem of drugs. These are children who were flooded, burned (…). There is a girl who had her hair torn out (…) – she said.

Ewa admitted in an interview with Małgorzata Ohme that although she had undergone a 12-week training, what she had to face surprised her. – It is impossible to prepare for this. With the first three children, I would get into the car and go to the parking lot. I had to cure there – she recalled.

Ewa Rzepa needs help

Recently, the situation of Ms Ewa and the family orphanage she runs has become very complicated.

– The owner wants to sell this house. We have until the end of February to move out of here. And this is the time we have left for us to gather resources to buy this house. It is important that it was this house, and not any other and not rented, because these children need stability – explained the woman.

To buy a house, he has to raise 550,000. She is not able to get this amount herself. That is why she decided to set up a special fundraiser. People who want to help can find all the necessary information at https://zrzutka.pl/wlasny-dom-dla-dzieci-z-rodzinnego-domu-dziecka.

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Szymon Brózda, Małgorzata Ohme

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