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Always very secretive, the 51-year-old actor wanted to keep the ceremony a secret, which took place at his home in Topanga, Los Angeles, last weekend, but an anonymous source revealed the wedding details to People magazine

After keeping the birth of the secret a secret son Laurie (to reveal it was the eldest Clara with a post on Instagram), it was to be expected that Ewan McGregor didn’t even say anything about his wedding with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, with whom he has been with for almost six years. The 51-year-old actor’s plans were disrupted by the anonymous source that he leaked to People the details of the ceremony, yes held last weekend at his home in TopangaLA.

The trend of the zero km menu

It was a wedding restricted to family and close friends – the insider said to the magazine – and took place outdoors. it was beautiful and full of joy and the menu was zero kilometer. They are a really lovely couple, they are very discreet and love their life in the valley, they often hike and go to the beach. THEn together since 2016, when they met and fell in love on the set of the Fargo seriesin reality at the time the two actors were both married to someone else – she to director Riley Stearns and he to production designer Eve Mavrakis, mother of his four daughters – and they divorced their respective partners in 2017. Last September, during the Emmy-winning acceptance speech for the miniseries Halston, the very private McGregor had made a tear from the iron family privacy to thank his partner, now wife, his newborn son and four daughters.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Mary I love you so much – the actor had in fact said on that occasion – . I will take this award home and show it to our new baby, Laurie. And to my beautiful girls, Clara, Esther, Jamyan and Anouk, who I know are watching, hello to you too. Both McGregor and Winstead will appear in two different productions set in the Star Wars universe: on May 27, the actor will make his debut in the highly anticipated miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney +, while his wife will appear in Ahsoka, to be released in 2023.

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