Ewelina Ślotała spent 9 days in the hospital. She publishes drastic photos and accuses her husband of mistreatment

Ewelina Ślotała is a former footballer’s partner Jakub Rzezniczakwho was said to be “the playground toy”. The couple broke up 12 years ago. In the meantime, the woman managed to change from a lawyer to an interior designer, get married and give birth to a son.

Recently, the designer became famous again, because she became friends with … the mother of the youngest child of Rzeźniczak, Magdalena Stępień!

Ślotała posted drastic photos on Instagram after being beaten, on which she has a massacred and bloodied face. The woman admitted that spent 9 days in hospital, where she ended up with a “broken face”.

Woman in an interview with Pudelek, she revealed that the perpetrator of the beating was her husbandwith whom he is currently divorced.

The designer said her husband had already been convicted of beating once. It happened in Spain, and that’s where the sentence was handed down.

Ewelina Ślotała confessed that publishing such drastic photos on Instagram is an act of powerlessness on her part.

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