Ex is devastated by dating Olivia Wilde with Harry Styles

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are the parents of two children, Otis (6 years old) and Daisy (4 years old)

Actor Jason Sudeikis is devastated by the courtship of ex-fiancee, actress Olivia Wilde, with musician Harry Styles. The comedian’s dismay at the newly revealed relationship of the mother of his two children with the former One Direction was revealed by a source close to Sudeikis in testimony to the British newspaper Daily Star.

“Olivia is in love with Harry,” said the source of the 36-year-old actress’ romance with the musician 10 years younger. “They are definitely together. The photos released are recent, but what is happening is not recent. They’ve been together for a while, but off the radar. Jason is devastated and bewildered ”.


Jason Sudeikis (Photo: Getty Images)

Today at 45, nine more than Wilde, Sudeikis were together between 2011 and 2020. They were engaged since January 2013 and announced the end of the relationship in November last year. During the period of union of the two they had the children Otis (6 years old) and Daisy (4 years old).

Sudeikis composed the cast and writing team for the ‘Saturday Night Live’ program between 2005 and 2013. One of his most famous films is the comedy ‘Família do Bagulho’ (2013), in which he plays opposite actress Jennifer Aniston.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles (Photo: reproduction and getty)

The international press reports that the romance between Styles and Wilde started backstage when filming the drama ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, the second film directed by the actress. The musician replaced actor Shia LeBeouf after alleged disagreements between the original protagonist and the film crew.

Olivia Wilde (Photo: Getty Images)

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ is set in the 1950s and centered on the relationship of an unhappy housewife played by actress Florence Pugh with her “perfect husband and owner of a dark secret” experienced by Harry Styles. The film is scheduled for release in the second half of 2021. Wilde has the praised ‘Out of Series’ (2019) in the director’s curriculum.

The actress’s relationship with the musician went public after the release of photos in which the two appear hand in hand while attending the wedding of a mutual friend. The records were shared by the American newspaper New York Post. Check out the images:


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