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Lisa Gabriele’s death in 2005 had been filed as a suicide. The anonymous letter sent to the Prosecutor’s Office in 2019 and the case reopened. After the investigation in handcuffs the fifty-year-old Maurizio Abate

MONTALTO UFFUGO (Cosenza) It had been filed as a suicide. Today, however, it turns out that Lisa Gabriele, 20 years old at the time, was killed. For that crime, which took place in January 2005, the carabinieri of Rende arrested on Tuesday morning a former traffic policeman, Maurizio Mirko Abate, 50 years old, a former lover of the girl. The body of Lisa Gabriele, originally from Rose (Cosenza,) was found inside her Fiat 500, on the outskirts of Montalto Uffugo. At the time the young woman was having an affair with Abate, who was married. Around the car, the investigators found bottles of whiskey, psychiatric drugs and a farewell note. The investigations at the time were quickly closed and the case dismissed as a suicide. In 2019, the twist. In the prosecutor’s office, an anonymous letter arrived in Cosenza, from a self-styled honest policeman of the road, in which Maurizio Abate was indicated as the killer of the girl.

Even the anonymous also wrote that the girl had been suffocated with a pillow, the same one she was wearing that day, to simulate a pregnancy. Lisa Gabriele, in short, of her, would have presented herself to the appointment with her lover, pretending to be pregnant with her. A simulation that should have pushed Abate to make a final choice, leaving his wife to go and live with her. Instead, according to the investigation, the former policeman faced with that choice, would have decided to kill his mistress, making the death look like a suicide. The letter reached the Prosecutor’s Office was in fact full of unpublished details. This prompted the deputy prosecutor Antonio Bruno Tridico to entrust the carabinieri with a series of investigations on the young woman’s body.. The body was exhumed, the girl’s cell phone was again examined by the computer technicians. The results of this new investigative phase, evaluated as a whole – write the carabinieri -, made it possible to verify, in greater depth, what was collected in the first phase, filling some investigative gaps and bringing out a significantly serious circumstantial framework and such as to connect the crime. contested to the person of the suspect.

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