Excise duty cut in the anti-inflationary package

The information was provided by the Polish Press Agency via the Twitter social network. Mateusz Morawiecki spoke about the plans for the “anti-inflationary shield” on Monday during a press conference in Gdańsk.


Excise tax reduction

The Law and Justice government wants to reduce the excise tax on energy. It has to do with inflation and high prices in the country. At the same time, the head of government believes that Gazprom, the Russian Federation, Nord Stream 2 and the European People’s Party in the European Parliament, which was to “support the construction of the gas pipeline”, are jointly responsible for this state of affairs.

The United Right will want to implement the assumptions of the “inflation shield” before Christmas. – It will include such elements as lowering the excise tax on energy carriers. We will talk about the details in due course – said Mateusz Morawiecki. – The government is practically ready to present this project – he added.

Jarosław Kaczyński had already announced actions aimed at lowering prices in the era of inflation.

Inflation in Poland

The CBOS survey shows that the vast majority of Poles limit their daily shopping expenses due to high inflation in the country.

Price increases are hitting almost all sides. The price of not only electricity and gas is rising, but also gasoline and even basic food products. The Central Statistical Office informed that in October this year, consumer inflation in Poland amounted to 6.8 percent.

The Public Opinion Research Center checked how Poles feel the price increases and what methods they have to deal with this problem. 64% of respondents declared that they would resign from larger expenses or postpone them. respondents. One pp less of the respondents reduces the consumption of water, electricity and gas. 57 percent study participants spend less on entertainment, recreation and culture.

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