EXCLUSIVE MN – Raimondi: “Leao’s renewal will also depend on the project. Milan can play it anywhere”

EXCLUSIVE MN - Raimondi: "Leao's renewal will also depend on the project.  Milan can play it anywhere"


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Interviewed by the MilanNews.it editorial team, Claudio Raimondi talked about tonight’s match against Chelsea. These are the words of the Sport Mediaset correspondent.

Potter spoke highly of Leao at the conference …
“I think there is an indication for the club to hurry. Potter spoke of many names defending himself saying:” I’m not talking about players from other teams “, while Leao was overwhelmed with praise. Milan can meet Leao’s needs. at 7 and no more, and there it will depend on Leao who wants to go on with the idea of ​​continuing to win with Milan. This evening will be a great showcase for him. “

What do you think of Leao’s renewal?
“I think it’s future. In the end I think he will renew, also out of a sense of gratitude. He was paid 30 million by semi-unknown, but in the end he will renew. It is a growth project as Maldini said. If Milan continue in the Champions League and he will aim for the title, Leao begins to think he wants a club to win. It will also depend on the club’s project: if he invests to strengthen he could stay, but if there is a slowdown then he could look around. “

What game do you expect with Chelsea?
“I expect a match of extreme suffering. The defense is upset. They are not extremely dangerous, but Milan can resist with a compact match. It is a painful match that can throw good players on the counterattack to turn the situation around, so let’s talk. by Leao, Rebic and Giroud. Milan must resist and try to hit Chelsea quickly. “

What are your feelings?
“The feeling is that a year ago there was that sense of fear, now there is the awareness that you can play it anywhere and, in the presence of a great Chelsea, Milan now knows how to manage. he has the obligation to win, which Chelsea has. He will change a little bit on a tactical level. “

by Antonio Vitiello

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