Exhibitionist influencers: from Ferragni to Wanda Nara, social photos of dream villas and exclusive clubs

There are those who have the mega-cinema screen in the gardens of the hyper-luxury villa. And who dives, strictly in micro-bikinis and from a maxi-yacht, to ensure the dizziness of the beholder. There are those who dive into crystal clear waters in resorts for thousands of euros per night. And who documents, photo after photo, their excesses, between food and disco nights. Looking at the photos of the profiles of this or that influencer on Instagram it seems that the dream holidays are all there, in a sort of extra-luxury catalog, offered to the eyes of many but strictly for the availability of very few. Since yesterday, however, to accompany the shots, there also seems to be the familiar, unmistakable, inclement voice of Christian De Sica: «What is she being peasant?», He said in a scene from Vacanze di Natale 2000, a phrase that later became a catchphrase, a signature. Now De Sica has used it, on social media, precisely against influencers.

Christian De Sica blurts out on influencers and their stories: “Is it possible to be so boorish”


The King of Cinepanettoni, who made the big screen genre of Italy, this summer said enough in front of the monitor. “But people have not broken the balls to share what they eat and dance embraced and then hate each other,” he wrote in a story on Instagram in August. «The panoramas in the discos are all the same, the dives from the luxury motorboats bought while being funny. Stop. But is it possible to have become such peasants? ». Gone are the years of the Brothers of Italy – it was 1989 – when, in the role of Cesare, a Roman salesman, he pretended to be Gardini’s son to conquer the beautiful Turquoise heiress and take a holiday on the Costa Smeralda, aspiring to enter that world, but in fact then finding himself happier in his normal daily life. And so, De Sica points the finger at the excess that has become the rule, the too much that, as popular wisdom dictates, perhaps in some cases is still a good thing. At least in the eyes of many, starting with the actor himself.
Meanwhile, on social media, luxury becomes a trend and becomes competition.


Chiara Ferragni, from Ibiza, alternates photos with children with passionate kisses, with tongues in sight, with her husband Fedez. There is no shortage of images of the villa with swimming pool, outdoor cinema area with large screen overlooking the sea and corner for popcons. Then, the outfits, including topless and dresses with an x-rayed body. Sister Valentina relaunches with photos of paella from Ibiza, designer accessories from Saint-Tropez, terraces, hotels, clubs, sports cars. TO Ibiza, also Gilda Ambrosio, who shows her exclusive villa, as well as the sunny weekends in Bodrum and the Parisian nightlife. In terms of evenings, however, he remains on the podium Wanda Nara – the scenario is always Ibiza – kissed on the breast by a stranger in a disco, in a sequence that has gone viral. Paola Turani publishes photos of her holiday in Sicily, she talks about books showing designer outfits, including pasta dishes, a swimming pool in the green and kisses. Aurora Ramazzotti chooses photos of her vacation with her boyfriend and friends in Panarea. Gianluca Vacchi does not forget ballets, which have not infrequently gone viral. Federico Fashion Style eats watermelon, in the pool, among unicorns and inflatable flamingos. And so on, from character to character, in a collection of photos that seems ready to become the storyboard of a new Italy from film. And panettone, he means.

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