Exitoína · Kylie Jenner, “we” Rise and Shine, for the first time at the event and beneficiary


The music of her viralizou on social networks after he Has sung to his daughter, Stormi

Kylie Jenner you have complied with the pledge and sang the Rise and Shine for the first time on Friday night (may 14) during an event to bountiful in Los Angeles, california, in the United States.

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The music viralizou on the social network after it Has to appear in the video singing to her. Fans of the business have made several memes, including a remix of the music from the cd. “It was an unexpected moment. I have had a lot of fun and laughed a lot watching the other, published since the video was released weeks ago,” tweeted on his personal account.

The event was co-organised by Hailey, Bieber, and Bieber sang ” Never Say Never next to Jaden Smith. Even Bieber made a short cover of the song, the Effects, and was invited to go up on the stage, and Kylie gave in and sang a song with only three words. The audience cheered and Bieber and she was so overjoyed that she ran through the site, you can find it on the top of Jaden Smith.

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