Expert gives tips on top trends and hair care for winter 2022

The coldest time of the year is coming and along with it, as well as in the looks, new trends in cuts, tones and, of course, hair care arrive. Hairdresser Ricardo Gomes, specialist in candle therapy, highlighted the top trends for winter 2022.

Starting with the shades and haircuts, Ricardo explains: “The coppery red It’s coming with everything, it brightens up the face a lot and has already conquered the hearts of Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney”, he explained.

Of course, there is always room for all hair tones in season. “If you prefer blonde, platinum strands are the best option to lighten up on cold and dark days. If your hair is brown, the light hair is still trendy and popular this winter. The light brown hair lightens the strands, “warming up ” your look during this season”, he concludes.

As for the cuts, Ricardo talks about the 2000s trend, which not only in fashion, arrived with everything in their hair too. “That super famous side fringe, which was forgotten in recent years, is back. It is a great option for those who want to cut bangs and are afraid. Already shredded and peaked cuts bring more movement to your hair, bet on them this season ”, she said.

Now for the curly and frizzy hairthe ideal is the volume. “With the hair cut in layers in medium size, they bring an even greater volume to the hair and are responsible for the lightness and movement of it”, he concluded.

How to take care of hair in winter?

Now it’s not because it won’t give beach and pool that care needs to be left asidethey just need to be redoubled. Just like your skin, wires also need the necessary protection, even more so in winter, when mild temperatures can dry out the hair, leaving them weaker.

“As much as the cold has come, the ideal is not to wash your hair in hot water, because it removes the natural oiliness of the hair in an excessive way, causing a greater dryness. In addition, the abuse of the dryer at this time, only makes your hair worse, leaving it dull, lifeless and brittle”, he explained.

Therefore, Ricardo’s tip is: “Just like in the summer, the candle therapy treatment It’s great to do in winter too, it’s even easier to recover your hair. Because it eliminates split ends and brings back the healthy aspect of hair. But it is also necessary to redouble your care with hydration at least once a week and use of leave-in and oils constantly. And don’t forget the thermal protector before the dryer, so it doesn’t do so much harm to your hair”, he concluded.

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