Expert on EU sanctions against Belarus: This is a painful problem

– The sum of the packages imposed is a serious problem for Minsk – commented the actions of EU leaders towards the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, an expert on eastern affairs, who was a guest of the program on Program 1 of Polish Radio on Saturday.

Sanctions against Belarus

The sanctions package imposed by the European Union on Belarus is a consequence of the migration crisis triggered by Lukashenka and his services. Crowds of immigrants from the Middle East countries, escorted by Belarusian officials, have tried and in some places are still trying to enter the territory of the European Union illegally. Migrants storm the state border of Poland, which is at the same time the eastern flank of both the EU and the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). At the same time, they behave aggressively towards the Polish uniformed. The problem also affects Lithuania and Latvia.

The EU “black list” prepared by the ambassadors of the EU Member States includes private persons involved in the practice, but also companies such as airlines cooperating with Alexander Lukashenka, such as the Belavia national carrier of Belarus.

“West Front”

The activities were assessed by the deputy director of the Center for Eastern Studies. – They are a problem for the Belarusian regime, although they are not very painful. This sanctions package, which was adopted in June, i.e. sector sanctions, the EU’s first economic sanctions against Belarus so far, were much more far-reaching and this is a bigger problem for the Minsk regime. However, when we combine the fourth sanctions package from June and the fifth one, which was published recently, the sum of these packages makes it a big problem for Minsk, he said.

According to Wojciech Konończuk, Belarus should also “discipline” the United States of America. – We have a tight Western sanctioning front – noted the expert.

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