Experts say self-care is key to mental health


Mental health is no longer a somewhat unfamiliar psychological or even spiritual treatment, but we all know that it needs to be cultivated both internally and externally.Here’s Why It’s So Important to Take Measures and Self-Care, Experts Say The key to better mental health.

What should we do to achieve this goal? Take certain actions so that we pollute as little as possible. It’s not that complicated to implement it.

Self-care to maintain mental health

pressure at bay

According to Mabofarma experts, self-care includes activities such as meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, physical exercise and even prayer, as well as dedicating certain moments to yourself without guilt, all of which can help reduce stress.

Because we must stay as far away from him as possible. Daily tasks are complex, but not impossible, without which our mental illness may increase.

more optimistic

You have to brace yourself.That said, practicing self-care in a disciplined manner can improve Serotonin and endorphin levelsthese are neurotransmitters and hormones associated with happiness and mental health.

This can help improve mood, energy, eliminate anxiety, and reduce symptoms of depression. But it has to be a consistent, daily thing, just like when we exercise, which, by the way, is perfect for regulating all those hormones and stimulating the happiness hormones.


In many fields, at work, in our homes, there is a lot of discussion about this concept as a way to achieve everything in order to not make mistakes or make fewer mistakes, and to be stronger when things don’t go well.

Experts believe self-care can empower a person Facing challenges, sorrows and difficulties. Because when we understand ourselves better, we develop greater self-esteem and better resources to face stress, grief, and adversity.

self-analysis or therapy

Various habits of caring for ourselves include understanding whether we really need help. If we’ve been feeling bad for a while, it’s easy to realize that maybe we should go to therapy. This is a great solution to also make our thoughts more positive which is always perfect.

By taking the time to understand our needs and limitations, we can make more informed decisions about how to approach life and feel happier and more secure.

renewable energy

Increased when people neglect themselves and overwork themselves Risk of exhaustion and burnout. As days, weeks, and months pass, situations and problems accumulate. Taking care of yourself is a helpful tool because it allows people to understand, forgive, rest and recover from what happened, thus preventing these situations.

social contact

Locking yourself inside and not talking to the outside world is not a good thing at all. There are many studies that focus on social skills. Being around people and laughing is a step towards making yourself better. That is, maintaining healthier relationships where we are valued and reducing social pain and toxic relationships.

Learn to say no

When we say “no,” we always stay longer. In fact, it’s hard to tell. Experts say self-care includes not just how we look (which is important and symptomatic for mental health), but also establishing limits and learning to say “no.” Set limits and we’ll find that nothing happens, the world won’t end, and we’ll find that we’re better off.

Start with self-esteem

Practicing self-care and taking care of our appearance can boost self-esteem. Not only can this have a positive impact on how we treat people, it can also have a positive impact on mental health by increasing self-confidence.

eat well

This is one of the mottos that renews our minds and mental health. With a healthy diet, we win and feel better. Luckily, there are all kinds of seasonal foods that we love.

Supplements and Vitamins

If we are not achieving all our goals and are feeling terrible, then we must let down our guard, rest, and rely on the self-care supplements available to us right now.

Tryptophan is recommended because it is a precursor to serotonin, the happiness hormone, Neurotransmitters responsible for regulating mood, stress, and appetite. It is also important for the synthesis of melatonin, which is responsible for regulating sleep and wake cycles, all of which promote rest. If our bodies are healthy, our minds are usually healthy too.

Regardless, it’s important to remember self-care and be aware of our daily needs. This helps us understand each other better.

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