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from Paolo Foschi

The reconstruction of CNN based on images processed by Planet Lab. The causes of the explosions are still a mystery: Ukrainian attack or sabotage?

At least seven Moscow warplanes they were destroyed by the violent explosions that hit the Russian military base on Tuesday of Saki, in the Crimea. This is what he claims the CNN, based on satellite photos released by Planet Lab. The incident still shrouded in an aura of mystery. At first Ukrainian sources claimed responsibility for the attack, but then the Ministry of Defence he denied the news, stating that Kiev forces are not responsible for the explosions. The Russian Defense Ministry, on the other hand, said that the explosions were caused by air force ammunition that exploded, but without explaining what triggered the explosions.

As reported by CNN, a satellite image of 9 August, prior to the explosions, shows several fighter jets inside small open areas at Saki Air Base. The satellite image of August 10, after the explosion, shows the charred remains of at least seven planes, while the conditions of two other jets are unclear. In the photo you can also see four craters probably caused by the explosions, as well as evident signs of burnt areas of the base. According to the experts contacted by CNN, in the history of Russian and Soviet air forces since the Second World War there has never been a day with so many losses of means, even if the available data are still few. Sources in Kiev a few hours before the satellite photo was released had talked about nine planes destroyed. The official toll of the Russians of one dead and 14 injured.

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